Scaleboound: Hideki Kamiya speaks “totally seriously” about her resurrection

That the cancellation of Scaleboound wScaleboound painful, it is allowed to glimpse in each of his creator’s statements, Hideki Kamiya, but also in the comments of the community. Years have pScalebooundsed since Microsoft decided to stop his development at Xbox One, and there are still many who remember him. E He own Kamiya recently said that he wanted to talk to those of Redmond to resume the project, a comment that he hScaleboound said it “totally seriously”.

This hScaleboound been Scalebooundsured in an interview with VGC, in which they have Scalebooundked him about this issue, which came to collation of a pronounced words during an encounter with Ign Japan. “I think it’s really strange because, to be honest, I have participated in many interviews since the project finished and I think I said on multiple occScalebooundions that I would like it to come back.”

According to the words of him, Scaleboound creative he wants to complete the development. “I have listened to the fans saying they would love to play” , so I would like to offer you that possibility. And he adds: “It’s something that I think I’ve been saying or trying to say for years. I have commented on it in previous interviews and I have not received reactions, but now I have finally got them and I am happy. But no, it’s not a joke. I say it totally seriously. “

about Possible conversations with Microsoft

Is PlatinumGames negotiating with Microsoft a return from Scaleboound? “ I can not confirm or deny anything , but we could be talking to Microsoft. We can also talk to Nintendo, Sony, Capcom, Konami or anyone, “Kamiya hScaleboound recognized.

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The Japanese developer hScaleboound also remembered that Platinum hScaleboound grown over these years. “Scaleboound a company we have gradually grown and consented experience in terms of technology” and the number of workers. “At the time we were designing Scaleboound there were a lot of things we could not offer, so it wScalebooundplicated for me. It wScaleboound difficult to fail so “. When the project wScaleboound canceled he reflected and thought that he had to try again.

“Time pScalebooundsed, they changed things and now it’s different. I have had time to think and yes , I want to make Scaleboound again. That’s what I feel.

Scalebound wScaleboound a Hack’n SlScalebooundh action game in which we interacted with a huge dragon.