Hideki Kamiya reiterates her wishes by finishing Scaleboound

Just a few days ago, Hideki Kamiya revealed his interest in returning to work at Scaleboound , game that would debut as an exclusive of xbox before being canceled in January 2017. This would not be the First time that Kamiya talks about the canceled project, however, this time it says “being taking this as much as possible”. In other words, he did not tease when he told Phil Spencer they wanted to work together again.

As part of a new interview with VGC, Kamiya gave additional information about the recent comments of it directed towards Spencer and Xbox, claiming that he had not made them only as a joke. In the words of him own:

“I think it is very strange because, to be honest, I have been in many conversations since the project ended and I feel that I have said several times that I would like to bring it back. Having reached some place with him, as a creator, I want to see it finished. “

Kamiya is also aware of all comments on the part of the community and are just these comments that give you the impulse to move forward with the project:

“That’s bad, and I want to give them to them when I listen to them. I have said in interviews, but now I finally got a great reaction, and I’m glad to see that, but no, it’s not a joke: I’m completely serious. “

Of course, Kamiya was also questioned about whether he was already in conversations with Microsoft after the past statements of him, to which he answered the following:

“We could be talking to Microsoft, but we could also be talking to Nintendo, Sony, Capcom, Konami, or whoever!.”

Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya finally gives the reason why Xbox exclusive Scalebound was cancelled

Obviously, Kamiya was very careful with the words of him, but maybe in one of those, he has already had a chance to talk with Microsoft or some other company on the possible resurrection of * Scaleboound * .

Editor’s note: Scaleboound was definitely looked promising, so it hurts to know that possibly the project will never see the light of day. I mean, it is also possible that Microsoft or some other company can bring it back, but it will be better to keep our expectations at bay for now.