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Fortnite: Web Server Down for Patch 19.30 – Very important info in German

What takes place today in Fortnite? Epic Games Drive down the servers to play a brand-new patch. With him some new web content, including skins and various other shocks, to maintain the gamers remain to maintain their mood.

That you do not miss out on that, we update from Meinmmo the post for you, so you are constantly up to date.

Informnite go today, on 15 February, the servers on all systems Down (PC/ Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One, Switch Over, Android). The downtime is utilized to play the brand-new update 19.30. All modifications we will certainly summarize from Meinmmo below.

Essential times to the fortnite server-downs – when as well as how long?

Essential changes come, we also enhance this write-up for you.


When can you play once again? The servers are then a whole while offline and also playing is no more possible. The downtime is anticipated to be in between thirty minutes and 2 hrs. These have actually revealed the updates of the previous weeks.

Which brand-new content brings Update 19.30?

Naturally, such work can always bring about technical troubles and also delays. If it concerns issues, we will certainly inform you about it.

When are the spot notes? Generally, Legendary Gamings publishes little bit up to no details regarding the update changes in Battle-Royale setting. These are commonly found by the community themselves.

Downtime in the morning: The servers are closed down at 10:00 am our time to roll up Update 19.30. The matchmaking is already impaired thirty minutes before, so you can do no games from 09:30.

What’s brand-new for Battle-Royale mode? Concrete statements of the developers are not yet available, yet Leaks and also DataMiners have actually currently become safe in the past as a protected resource. With these adjustments you may anticipate:

Returning products, weapons as well as brand-new skins

What inevitably packs Impressive into the update is not known. If some ought to occur, we will certainly maintain you up to day and record problems via server.

What do you consider the updates? Are you looking ahead to the new material? Let’s recognize in the comments as you stand.

Shiina, a well-known leader from Fortnite, has anticipated some things. Amongst them are the return of the popular revolver, an old item that calls “prize map”, and also brand-new obstacles.

Informnite go today, on 15 February, the servers on all systems Down (COMPUTER/ Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One, Change, Android). Legendary Games Drive down the web servers to play a new patch. The servers are then a whole while offline as well as playing is no much longer feasible. Normally, Epic Gamings releases little bit up to no information regarding the update changes in Battle-Royale mode. ** What’s new for Battle-Royale setting?