FC Bayern Munich: “Its his opinion, my is not” – Hoeneß counters Kahns playoffs

Uli Hoeneß, Honorary President of FC Bayern Munich, was on Monday evening at the Austrian TV station Servustv in the program “Sport and Talk from the Hangar-7”. Hoeneß talked about the FCB bankruptcy against Bochum, the idea of ​​playoffs in the Bundesliga and Max Eberl.

Uli Hoeneß over…

… David Alaba: “We have with David Alaba one of the best Austrian players who have ever given to have Bayern. I am a big fan of him and very closely friends with him. The David is the only player who has always counted on the Hoeneß family for ten years and wishes us a merry Christmas. Of course, that was difficult as he left because we had really wished that he stays. But so Is it just in football and personally I have no problems with him. “

… the defeat against Bochum: “Defeating me always, but as long as we have six points in the championship, it still works. Our players seem to be a bit more negligent against weaker opponents, but against Salzburg will be that certainly not happen. “

… Nagelsmann’s altered plan against Bochum: “If you play with five offensive players, the danger is that you come in trouble in the back. But the defensive starts at the front. In the good games, where we too So played, they have started up at the front and did not let the opponent come so into the game and then was not much going on at the back, but if you look at the front, you come in the back of the back. “

Welcome to FC Bayern Munich (no roots edit)
… the attitude of the team: “I think the problem is at the moment that if our players read the newspaper, then they always hear they are totally superior and no one can reach the water. The mood is in the team very good, I heard, maybe too well and there is too little friction and that leads to the fact that you play against supposedly weaker opponents then only 50 percent or 70 percent, and that is no longer enough today. So far Always so when it came to it, they have incredibly torn together and played very well. The season was actually very good. That’s why I hope you take Salzburg seriously and then I think we’ll play well. “

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… his dealings with advisers: “With the players I have always handled fairly, with the consultants not always.”

… Marcel Sabitzer: “He knows the trainer well and the coach has absolutely wanted to have him. You have to be patient and that’s something that many people do not have in Munich.”

… manuel new: “Manuel is the best goalkeeper in the world. If he does not have so much, he is very important as a captain and personality, very important. And the defender of course we know that we are back have a football player, which you can play back every ball in the biggest emergency and that is an advantage that almost no goalkeeper has in the world and therefore he lacks us of course. That has nothing to do with that Ulreich is a very good goalkeeper, But Manuel is just manuel. “

… Karim Adeyemi: “Basically this is a very good player. The problem is only if you get such a player, you have to show him perspectives and there are the Dortmund lighter. Otherwise that would be sure a player with whom you would have to deal more intensively. “

… play-offs in the Bundesliga and Kahn’s willingness to discuss: “It’s his opinion, my opinion, it’s not because I think that’s ridiculous. In the Bundesliga should be after 34 matches of the masters, which is due to thick and thin has gone with his team. And this idea would only be a law against Bayern Munich. That has nothing to do with tension. They try at the moment and the new managing director of the DFL thinks now day and night about it, how can we domine FC Bayern break and now come to this idea. In no major league in the world there is play-offs. K.-O.-System is available in the DFB Cup, which is available in the Champions League and the championship must be the one Win, who was the best team throughout the year. At the end of the season, when all are broken, then half-finals or finals, I think that’s a joke idea. “

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… a World Cup every two years: “Nonsense. The World Cup is the highest for all players in the world and when I play that every two years, then I dilant that. There is also Olympia and the European Championship, When do you want to play? Infantino has to be aware that the year has only 365 days. “

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Max Eberl: “I’m very closely friends with Max Eberl and it’s a special situation. There were many things together. The job is nerve-wracking and costs a lot of strength, but now to say that is that the inhuman is that you can not stand that, I do not see it that way. That’s a situation that was dramatic. Gladbach has always lived that you have picked up players and then have sold against transfer. Now have They found that three important contracts expire and they do not get anything. There was suddenly a pressure that it did not exist before. Then they suddenly stood down, though they have always played around the Champions League. All that came together in the case Max together I am convinced he’s vacation now and he will come back at some point and make a good job. “