NFL – Voices and Reactions to Super Bowl: Referee defends controversy Touchdown

The Los Angeles Rams have won the Super Bowl LVI in a heartbeat fural against Cincinnati Bengals. Subsequently, several of the protagonists talked about a possible withdrawal. Cincy-QB Joe Burrov was interviewed to his knee injury – and the Head Refer rated the most controversial scene of the game. Voices and reactions to Super Bowl.

Refere Ron Torbert over the75-yard-touchdown of tea Higgins against Jalen Ramsey: “The crew has not seen any contact, which would have justified a pass-interference penalty. It was a competitive catch. The rule says it says it A foul is when [tears the facial mask] and tearing around. If you just strip over the facial mask and you’re not torn around, even if you get into it, it’s not a foul. “

Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford (Quarterback) over…

… the title: “That means everything. I supported me so many, especially my family. to celebrate with you and my team and my friends, means everything. The Bengals were a very hard team, I’m just looking forward to the victory. I also need to thank Lions and Rams that the trade came about and I may play here. “


… Cooper cup: “We spend a lot of time together, talk a lot about the game. In the last drive I thought: I do not care what Coverage you play, I will bring the ball to him Incredible plays laid down. “

Aaron Donald (Defensive Tackle) over

… the title: “I really wanted that. I dreamed of it. There are many heights and depths, now the circle has closed and I’m World Champion. We have fulfilled our mission, which feels great on.”

… a possible resignation: “I just want to enjoy the moment, with my teammates and my family. I enjoy this and the next few days simple. I have promised my daughter that we play in confetti as She was five years old. Today it was so far. “

The best pictures of the Super Bowl: The Rock, Hip-Hop Legends and a crying obj

… Head Coach Sean McVay: “As long as he is here, I want to continue to be part of this organization and build a legacy here.”

Sean McVay (Head Coach): “That the offense finds a way and Aaron then makes the lid on it, that’s poetic, man. We have always talked about that it is special, part of something bigger than Only to be yourself. The boys played for each other. World Champs, Baby! “

**… the injury of Odell Beckham Jr.:2 “We have played well until then. We simply had to find a way to put pressure on your quarterback and to put plays. That’s what we have found a way to influence the game and then win. “

Eric Weddle (Safety): “Unbelievable. That’s hard to believe, for me, the dream was already over five weeks ago. To get this second chance and make the most of it – I’m just speechless. I hear again. I’m gone, baby! What for five weeks. These guys go into the story. I hurt a lot tomorrow morning, I got my breast muscle injured pretty hard in the first quarter. But I have 70 years time for the rehab “

Cincinnati Bengals

Zac Taylor (Head Coach): “We wanted to stay in the attack mode and practice as much pressure as possible. This sometimes works, sometimes not.”

Joe Burrov (Quarterback) over…

… the game: “It hurts, but we had a great year. It’s not as soon as hoped, but we will still celebrate. We are a young team, hopefully we get this chance in the next Years a few more times. This game will drive us for the rest of our races. “

… his performance: “Overall, I am disappointed with my performance. I think I could have played better. You never learn.”

… his damaged knee: “I’ll let it check out when we’re back in Cincinnati. But I would not have come out of the game.”

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Tyler Boyd (Wide Receiver) About the Referes: “You have thrown the whole game about no flags. They should have been running [in the final quarter].”