SWITCH HACKS SOLDS: BOWSER must be in the jail

In the name of Bowser, Nintendo fans inevitably think of the well-armored upper church from the “Super Mario” games. But even away from virtual adventure, a villain of this name for fear and terror in the Rows of Nintendos has long caused a fear of fear. The Canadian Gary Bowser honored his illegal company Team XECuter for years responsible for the development and sale of hacking solutions for Nintendo hardware.

Bowser Arrested and Charged For Selling Nintendo Switch Hacks?! | 8-Bit Eric
With its programs and equipment, gamblers is possible to bypass copy protection mechanisms on platforms such as the Nintendo Switch and reproduce pirated copies. In 2020, the man was arrested in the US and accused in eleven cases because of the promotion of software piracy. 2021 Nintendo demanded a damages payment from Bowser. The acquaintance confessed and paid the video game manufacturer $ 4.5 million (about 4 million euros). After a US court had previously earned it to an additional penalty of $ 10 million (about 8.8 million euros), followed by another condemnation.

40 months imprisonment for Gary Bowser

As the Polygon.com website reports to the US Department of Justice, Gary Bowser migrates in addition to the payments already made for 40 months in the jail. According to the court judgment, he had been the prominent leader of Team Xecuter and contributed decisively to the dissemination of illegal hacking tools. According to the US lawyer Nick Brown, Bowser’s machinations of the game industry have added financial damage of at least $ 65 million (about 57 million euros).

According to the Ministry of Justice, Team Xecuter consists of more than a dozen contributors who distribute and act distributed around the globe. Two more members of the group were sentenced in the US with the French Max Luarn and the Chinese Yuanning Chen. According to the report, however, are both free foot. Homeland Security and the FBI continue to determine in this case, so that it could come to further arrests and charges.