Shovel Knight 2 “that occurs at a given moment”

Last updated 2 years ago

PELLE KNIGHT 2 will perform “for sure” “at a given moment”, according to the developer Yacht Club Games.

In an interview with Dualshockers, the Sandy Gordon artist shared that the team often chat from the plans of a suite internally and that we could hear more on this subject in a future not so distant.

The fans of this difficult platform game did not “see the end of pelle knight”, even though the independent studio now focuses on other experiences, such as the _cyber shadow action game.

The artist is “safe” pelle Knight 2 “will arrive at a given moment” because “it’s something we’re talking about” internally.

Intellectual property will experience two benefits in the coming years, including: pelle Knight Dig and pelle Knight Donjon.

Reuser is a Roguelite 2D exploration roguelle platform developed in cooperation with nitrome and whose exit is planned in 2021.

Pocket_Donjon is a full action puzzle adventure that has just been announced; It is developed in collaboration with VINE and does not have a confirmed publishing or platform.

Shovel Knight's Signature Moves
_ Force_ and Roi cards, the last two Shovel Knight extensions, were published last December.