The Elder Scrolls Online

The Spanish translation of The Elder Scrolls Online will be available in June

Bethesda has announced the great novelties of 2022 for your MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online.

The new expansion, High Isle, will explore a new location never before seen in the Saga The Elder Scrolls, and will be available as of June 6, 2022 in PC, Mac and Google Stadia, and from June 21 at PlayStation and Xbox.

High Isle has an atmosphere reminiscent of the European medievo and adds dozens of hours of content, with new adventures and objects. It also incorporates two new companions: Ember, a khajiita raised in the talented streets for magic, and Isobel, a Breton aspirant to Kingle envelope.

Another great novelty is tribute stories, a game of cards within the world’s own world. According to the official description of Bethesda, it is “an original resource accumulation game, invented in Isla High, with JCJ and JCE options”. It has a system of its own levels and will allow you to obtain numerous rewards, such as furniture or transmutation stones.

But perhaps the great holder is that coinciding with the launch of High Isle will be published the expected Spanish translation of The Elder Scrolls Online. The American company has nuanced that it will only be for texts and subtitles, maintaining the dubbing of the voices in English, but it has confirmed that all the content, past, present and future, will be in Spanish as of June 6 on PC, Mac and Stadia, and June 21 at PlayStation and Xbox.

Elder Scrolls Online High Isle - Full Presentation [HD 1080P]

The reserves of the new expansion can already be performed through the official website of TESO (which, by the way, is already fully translated into our language), with several reserve incentives both in normal edition and in the collector.