The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online reveals a new expansion of High Isle

Bethesda and the Zenimax Online Studios developer have revealed a lot of new content that will come to The Elder Scrolls online during the course of 2022. Instead of throwing a single piece of new content, _Thies will receive a series of new updates along the year in an alignment that is known as Legado de los Bretones. And although this content release will be a little different from normal, a single piece of DLC known as _isla tall, will remain the centerpiece of these one-year updates.

This last expansion for The Elder Scrolls online will focus (as expected) around Bretone Race residing in Tamriel. All the content that reaches _so- this year will focus on the culture of this breed and will focus on several stories that involve their people. _isla Alta Then it will serve as the largest part of expansion content within the year and will be launched on June 21 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. In the short term, Legado de los Bretones is scheduled to start formally in March 2022 with a new piece of DLC called morea ascending.

“We chose High Isle as the place for our next chapter because it is a great deviation from everything we have done in recent years,” said _The Elder Scrolls online. The director Rich Lambert in a conversation with the PlayStation blog. «High Isle is the epitome of Breton Caballaresca culture: an island type tourist center for its nobility, with imposing cliffs, virgin beaches and a lot of ancient ruins to explore. In addition to the unique biome and aesthetics, this islands chain has never been explored before in any Elder Scrolls game, so having the opportunity to add to the rich tradition of Elder Scrolls and explore a completely new location is really exciting. “

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