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“Sky Rim” at “Books with a book” A user who challenges the crazy challenge. Basically collecting books with violence

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (hereinafter, Skylim) “, a strange challenge has attracted the attention of the community. A certain user is about to fill the water area with city whitellane in the game with “book”. Moreover, there is no special reason. Overseas Media DualShockers is introduced.

“Sky Rim” is a popular open world ARPG that BethesDa Softworks works. It was released in 2011, and it is a longevity work that celebrates its 10th anniversary last November. This work has a wide range of gameplays, and a wide variety of user production MODs are available, and the play and speed run are also overlapping between fans. And the player who embarked on a new challenge appeared at the Overseas Bulletin Board Reddit’s Master’s Community / R / Skyrim. Reddit User / U / Panzerkampfiv has expressed on the book on January 12, “I will fill the water area of ​​White run with a book”.

White run is one of the cities that appear in “Sky Rim”. It is a large city in the Sky Rim region, which will be the stage of this work, and many players are longer from the early stage. The city has fully equipped facilities and stores, not only functional, but also at the town. The Royal Palace “Dragons Reach” will emerge on the high ground of the northeast of the city. From the knees, clean-cold flow is poured into the town under the eyes, and there is a water area with fresh water like a pool on the way. Such a relaxing water area has made a book with a mysterious challenge to throw a book with Javon Javon.

And the book in “Skylim” is an important factor for the fans. Among the world of this work, there are a wide variety of documents from what conveys the myth to the sensory novel. Books to learn skills and spells and books that are the starting point of the quest are also involved in the gameplay. In addition, there are many books as a “readout” to make a sense of understanding and immersive with the view of the world simply. An item that is partitioned internally in “Book” category internally in this work is more than 800 types. There may be multiple books in the world, or MOD to add a book. Anyway, there are a large number of books that are considered enough to fill the pool.

Panzerkampfiv seems to be one of the players to collect such books. Mr. Hopp had a lot of books, but commented that “I collected a lot of books, but I was hesitated and thrown into the pool.” While he thrown the book several times, he decides to fill the pool. I would like to understand why I have determined why even hear the testimony. However, the challenge may be that.

If it is a reality, the book will be thrown into the water floor and it will be ruined. However, there is no need to worry in the “Skyrim” world. The book thrown into the pool will float with the water surface with a state where you can read it for a long time. Panzerkampfiv often reports the state of the pool from the start of the challenge, and the third day of the challenge is already a large amount of books in the water surface. If you look at it, it’s strange because it looks like a miso soup blur. Anyway strange scene.

And 4/5 days. Panzerkampfiv, seeking a large number of books, will come out to the revision. He attacked the Winter Hold University, which is a sorcerer’s educational institution. The university was almost the only learning building in a wonderful winter hold and was dated. Panzerkampfiv has successfully pulled a large number of books and put 3000 gold prizes in the region. And all of the deprived books are donations in the pool. If you think of university staff and student feelings, it hurts, but it will be a sacrificing sacrificing for challenge.

And he attacked Ferglou Fort on the 6th day of the challenge and submits “Saving a book”. He is throwing a large number of books into the pool. In addition to many magicists living in Felgrovo, there are also multiple books stolen from the above-mentioned Winter Hold University. That is, the thief book is further robbed. And the Madness Collection will also eat Panzerkampfiv’s own. A book was too close to, and the frame rate of the game has begun to decrease.

He posted a videos that contained the pool on January 21st. It is impressive that the book is up and down as the dead is likely from the blood pond. The frame rate is no longer like a picture-story show, and if you do your best, it is likely to count the number of frames for a stopwatch and visually. He jumped into the pool and is also a book that has been collected in no time. It seems to be difficult for floating and escape to the water surface with a large number of books and low frame rates. It seems that you can hear the voices of this curse.

In a series of posts, the next robbery plan etc. has been consulted between Panzerkampfiv and the community. He seems to be in view of the Location of DLC, as well as the introduction of MOD. As an example, a large amount of collection of books “Volkhal Castle” or a super-existence of Daidola’s prince Halmeas Mora, which is dominated by Mora, etc., is a candidate. Halmeas Mora is also in the setting, memory and knowledge, and it is a genuine god that can be said to be the right to collect knowledge. Therefore, apoclifa has a huge book. In other words, Panzerkampfiv is also in a field of view from the library of God. He has encountered strange bugs during challenge, and this is a comment “I touched Halmeas Mora’s anger.”

Panzerkampfiv is still ongoing challenges. However, the frame rate seems to be influenced by his health and seems to be leaked until “I feel physically deteriorated”. In addition, we reported that “I was not able to post and post it” in the post-day post, which is the last report. The nature of the challenge will continue to be deteriorated in the future. He also overcomes many disorders while maintaining health, and it wishes to get the swimming pool and fill it with a book. There is no way to find what happened to the end of the challenge.