The Elder Scrolls Online

You do not intend to return to Guild Wars 2 …

LOST ARK Online, Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online… Lost Ark Online, Final Fantasy XIV… and so over and over again.

However, let’s not forget about another big LOST ARK, namely Guild Wars 2, which will receive a new addition for less than a month and which – at least in theory – will return to the species salons.

Unfortunately, most of you do not intend to play or return to the world of Tyria.

The results of the survey rather do not leave any doubts. 39% of users are completely not interested in “End of Dragons” and all those who will introduce this add-on (ie a new continent, history and PVE activities).

Almost only the same (38%) admitted that he had never played in GW2 and does not intend to change it. Neither now nor in the near future.

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Only 23% of respondents expressed their desire to visit Guild Wars 2 after the premiere of “End of Dragons” a little bit, but Arenaet itself is guilty. For five years, GW2 stood off the beaten track, did not get a nice content, which unfortunately resulted in less and less popular among fans.

“End of Dragons” is of course a good step into the future, but GW2 needs more such extensions, with greater frequency.

Thank you for all the voices and welcome to a new questionnaire.

You will play the “Polish” Server Lost Ark online?

Yes of course

Never in my life