The Elder Scrolls Online

Next chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, High Isle will begin in June

With its 20 million players, The Elder Scrolls Online continues its way with the announcement of its next extension. Offering this time a region still ever explored in the saga, High Isle will be available on June 6th on PC and Mac and June 21 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

In the program of this change of frame, an idyllic mediterranean-inspired archipelago impregnated with noble culture and medieval architecture, with its sumptuous castles, its large white cliffs and its spectacular tournaments. Located in the archipelago of Systems, the island high will be the scene of different political intrigues. Here live the brats, descendants of humans and elves, whose social elite has its neighborhoods in the Bay of Inflaton, nervical center of political transactions generally without mercy.

Last year, The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood had set up a companions system. In 2022, Zenimax Online Studios doubles the bet with two new recruits that will be happy to escort the solitary players: embers, a magician Khajiit who grew up in the street, and an apprentice knight named Isobel. Notice to amateurs, this new chapter also introduces a cards game called glories stories, presented as a playable resource management game in JCE as in JCJ, all with online rankings.

All the details of this chapter and the 30 hours of content it promises are available on the official game of the game. Those who are already part of the Adventure The Elder Scrolls will be able to offer High Isle upgrade for 40 euros While newcomers have the opportunity to buy a complete collection including the basic game and 6 extensions. This costs 60 euros on PC and 70 euros on console.

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