Information on Xenoblade Chronicle 3

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For starters, the game has been in development for a long time, between the end of that of Xenoblade Chronicles and that of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 . Tetsuya Takahashi explains that so it’s not something they have recently added to the series. What to be reassured on the scenaristic junctions of the games.

The story takes place in the world of Aionios, where two nations are war, KEVES and Agnus. The first is specialized in mechanical technology, while the second focuses on the manipulation of the ether (rather oriented magic). Six soldiers of these two nations find themselves at the heart of a great story whose central theme is life. It seems that the two main characters are Noah and Mio, two soul passers.

As a reminder, the game is supposed to place long after the other two episodes. In this idea, the trailer has many elements made more or less directly from the first two chronicles. To begin with, the presence of the Mekonis sword (curious since it should not really exist) and the remains of Titan Urayen. Mekons with face, important enemies of the first chronicle, are also very visible, which is still intriguing in view of the last part of Chronicles 1. Less obvious, the presence of masked characters that strongly think of Melia and Nia. For the latter, there are several characters from the video that seem to be of the feline breed of Chronicles 2, the gormottis, perhaps here the people of agnus. We know that several characters from the previous shutters could be present in this new Xenoblade. Finally, the end scene is obviously thinking about the title screen of the first Xenoblade Chronicles and to a lesser extent to that of the second.

There are still very large areas of exploration, trademarks of the license, although a little withdrawal for Chronicles 2. The club of the series on the subject is Xenoblade X, with its immense expanses and its Vertiginous panoramas. It looks like this Chronicles 3 intends to reconnect with large environments in which most of what is visible in the distance is explorable. It is also known that the game should offer more characters on the screen that the rest of the series, one of the reasons for the postponement.

On the artistic side, the characters of this new game were designed by Masatsugu Saito, who worked on the main chronicles 2 (except the characters created by Tetsuya appointed, easily recognizable, Ahem). Koichi Mugitani, who made some of the main illustrations of the game, is again the game. He worked in particular on the design of the Skells and mechanical enemies of Xenoblade X, as well as on the Blades Praxis and Theory blades (not the most successful, but good) and T-Los (character he created for Xenosaga) Chronicles 2.

The music are again signed by several composers of the license, Yasunori Mitsuda, Manami Kiyota, ACE (Temorror Kudo, Chico), Kenji Hiramatsu and Mariam Abounnasr. So people who officiated on both chronicles and not on the X. Takahashi adds that the music keep a touch of the chronicles, while adding the integration of a pattern played to the flute. This instrument is also indicated as one of the central themes of the game.

This is already a lot of information, Tetsuya Takahashi finishes saying that there are many hidden things in this trailer and that it will talk about it here the exit.