Amazon published a new February update for the Ptr of your new MMORPGS New World . The new patch of course includes some bug fixes and changes to balancing, but the main focus are improvements for weapon change and a few changes for outdoor post tower mode.

New World Testing New OPR Rewards on February PTR Day 1

What changes in the outport tower in New World?

On the one hand, you will now be rewarded with points for your damage caused in outdoor ostens tower , and the assigned points for killing an NPC or an opposing player were weakened slightly. In addition, you now receive a few parliamentary brands , and outdoor post tower supplies now grant two outdoor post tower armor parts and a OUTPOST STORTER Weapon . In addition, there is a chance of 15 percent per match, to keep another object, _ “which can be a special jewelry”._

Also, the likelihood of significantly increased that _ “supply rewards in the outdoor post tower increase the competence of players” . Last but not least, there is a fixed list of outdoor post tower equipment effects that better fit the PVP fight. _ “Features like ‘Beast Protection’ are no longer possible with outdoor post tower equipment”.

Furthermore, you can now change your weapons during reactions, evasion, movement and use of consumables except weapons coatings. For this there is a cooldown of one second. In addition, weapon changes and attacks can be placed simultaneously in the queue. So if you change your weapon and immediately uses a capability afterwards, you first switch off the weapon and then executes the appropriate ability. Finally, the “recovery time for all evasion actions” was also shortened.

All new contents of the February patch can be found in the official announcement of the update. Including, for example, a few KI improvements and changes for crafting. The most recently published January update could not convince many fans of the MMOS, maybe this looks a bit different with the new February update.

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