CAS lifts lock against ex-FIFA

The International top functionality Court CAS has lifted the lock against the former FIFA top functionality ISSA Hayatou. That was announced by the CAS now.

The longtime former head of the African Football Confederation CAF and former Vice President of the World Association had been blocked by the FIFA ethics committee last August for a year for all football activities. In addition, the now 75-year-old from Cameroon was sentenced to a fine of converted a good 32,000 euros.

By contrast, Hayatou had appealed. This was now granted as the CAS announced on Saturday. Hayatou is intended to prefers an applicant in its function as a CAF boss in the awarding of television and market investment from 2014 to 2017 and thus prevented competition for damage to the Confederation.

Corruption by Fifa ethics-boss, Sport reportage on @zdfsport
According to the CAS communication, there is no sufficient evidence for a violation of the FIFA ethics code, which is why the lock must be canceled. After 29 years at the head of the CAF, Hayatou in 2017 had lost the presidential election against his now also locked challenger Ahmad Ahmad.