The legendary guitarist of Guitar Hero exposed by cheating

The Biggest Cheater In Guitar Hero History Was Finally Caught

From the dawn of the competitive games, there have been players ready to cheat to be counted among the best. The competitive player of Guitar Hero, Schmooey, is the last example of this type, since the series fanatics recently exposed the most impressive exploits of him as fraudulent. The player had spent recent years sharing incredible videos of his achievements, establishing new records and earning thousands of dollars in rewards that had been established for certain songs. In a video that analyzes the story of Schmooey with the game, the Speedrunning / YouTuber Karl Jobst commentator reveals in detail how Schmooey managed to cheat the players for so long.

The JobSt video can be found embedded below.

The Franchise Guitar Hero of Activision Blizzard has been inactive for quite some time, but the series maintains an exciting competitive scene. Schmooey has long been part of that scene and has participated in live events. As Kotaku points out, he is clearly a very talented player, which probably explains why he took so long so that the false videos of him were exposed. Things began to fall apart in December 2021, when Schmooey published a video of eternal pain patterns, where he did not miss a single note, which would have been a world scoop. This was not the first time that Schmooey aroused suspicion in the community, but the video included segments in which he became evident that his finger patterns did not match what was happening on the screen. Once the fans of Guitar Hero discovered this, they were investigated and exposed more videos.

Schmooy initially ruled out the questions about the authenticity of the video, but as the evidence began to accumulate, he revealed that several of him of him were falsified, using a variety of different methods. Since then, he eliminated all his videos from Guitar Hero, returned the money he received in rewards and published a new video, apologizing for him. Schmooey admits in the video that he “was not entirely sober when everything happened.” The situation is obviously disappointing for all involved. Hopefully, now that Schmooey has opened on events, he can get the help he may need, and others will learn about him!

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