Stone Age World, New Raid Mountain Breeze Canyon Add Paver

Netmarble (representative, Lee Seung Won) announced that Mobile Turn Ja MMORPG ‘Stone Age World (Developer Netmarble Ento) has been updated for adding new difficulty raided mountain birds to the new Difficulty Raid Mountain Breeze Canyon.

Through this update, New Reid ‘Breeze Canyon Pavay’ has been added and the “new achievement” to complete and obtain the raid was added. In the raid, you can acquire “Sarachi Coin” and you can acquire one of the Sarachi, Golors, Golorus Core, and Core Parts.

New Reid Pet ‘Sarachi’ is a pet that gives a shield to raise the viability of the friendly, while increasing the attack power and critical damage to the ability to avoid attack power and critical damage. The harmful effects given to the friend can be purified by the ultimate group, so it is possible to use it in a variety of ways.

StoneAge World Raid Level 5A
The newly introduced ‘trainer guardian level’ is open when achieving the trainer level 200, utilizes accumulated points, to enhance a total of 18 basic and advanced ability, including attack, defense, fitness, enemy power, critical, counterpart, reflex,.

In addition, some mechanicalized promotion systems were added to some mechanic and raid boss pet. Meccolton and Sarachi, such as Sarazichi, Mecakaki, Mecakuku, Meccakaki, Mecaku, Mecca Hawk, Mecapa and Golorus, Meccafeta, and Golors, enabled to have a more powerful ability.

Netmarble prepared a variety of events and compensation to commemorate the update. Priority, we achieve the regularity of stone life by March 24th and proceeds to the “New Year’s Single Event”, which can collect ‘event rice cake’. In addition, we have achieved missions within the sophisticated mileage events during the same period, and the is also opened to get a variety of compensation such as random and blue gems.

More information on ‘Stone Age World’ can be found through the official forum.