Magdeburg disassembles Duisburg with 5: 0

MSV-Coach Hagen Schmidt changed after the spectacular and bitter 3: 4 against Saarbrücken his team on two positions: Bouhaddouz and Frey began for Push and Bangalore (both bank). In addition, Again returned to the cadre after youth barrack.

Magdeburg’s Trainer Christian Ritz also took two changes against the 1-1 against undertaking Averse and threw up liabilities ITO (formerly HSV) into the Start elf (debut). Cont eh also moved into the team, Schuyler (injured) and CEA (Bank) had to give way.

Zebras sleeping – Ito’s perfect debut

The leader of Magdeburg began with the lively offensive tripartite row around Cont eh, Batik and Ito extremely plying, the MSV found no way into the game. No nine minutes took it, the debutant already met: Overhear put flat back to the Japanese, who had already played Ritz under his current coach and shook the ball safely into the long corner (9th).


The hit was already absolutely fine at this time, it took until the 19th minute before the Duisburg over Bouhaddouz and ADEME approached the goal for the first time. Little later, however, the next setback was followed for the zebras, because wine purchase played Cont eh the ball in the foot and foul him then, referee Florian Ever sent the keeper from the square (23rd).

Schmidt had to react and Coppers came to his debut for the MSV, who did not get a foot on the ground at night. Magdeburg’s central defender Tobias Müller made his way forward, got the passage of namesake Andreas and increased after just over half an hour to 2: 0 (32.).

Duisburg in slumberous opportunities

Subsequently, the FCM showed a bit of grace and let it tackle it slower, but just when the MSV already mentioned in the cabin, there was still the preliminary decision: Ex-Zebra Krempicki took a ball at the edge of the box and increased even 3: 0 (45. + 4).

Both trainers changed triple for break, including its promised debut, it should be spared forces. But top scorer Batik, who obviously did not have enough, remained heavily on and taking a ball of Tobias Müller and took on 4: 0 screwed (50th).

Magdeburg knows Grade – Bunker sets the last highlight

That the FCM would go as a winner from the square, was already clear at this time, it only asked of the height. And there the Duisburg were able to thank Ritz and his team, which in the second section subsequently also made a quiet approach due to many changes and did not go to further hits with the last consequence.

Thus, the zebras in the end even came with a blue eye of it, but a highlight had the Magdeburg but still to offer: Joker Brunner took a point of view with the hoe and carried the ball to the final score of 5: 0 in the gate (85th). Due to the three-end threesome, the FCM continued to manifest his spreadsheet and has already unbeaten since nine league games. The MSV, however, misses the jump over the line. That would have been possible with a threesome.

For Duisburg, it goes on Saturday (2 pm) with the away game at the SV When Wiesbaden on, Magdeburg receives the 1st FC Saarbrücken from 17.55 clock on the same day.