Void Slayer is now available on Steam

Void Slayer is a fast-paced arena fps that has just been launched on Steam today. The game seeks to separate from other titles with a unique arena mechanism. Rather than a simple stagnant arena in which you can run, the arena itself is actually served as a health.

Yes, Void Slayer takes place in a vacuum, and the size of said vacuum depends on your state of health. This is an excellent idea in theory, and I’m curious to see how successful they have been successful.

How long can you survive? That’s the question that void Slayer. This game focuses on speed, momentum and survival. I can not say what it makes control without playing for me. I can say, however, that it looks good. The trailer shows the game in motion, and it looks quite spectacular.

Personally, I like a good game that focuses on the momentum. Nothing is as pleasant as being able to rush and move in the air. You need a good level of competence to effectively succeed.

I do not know what I feel about Void Slayer, offering only a counter-la-watch to see how long you can survive. That said, the game costs less than $5, so it’s hard to complain.

There are many choices regarding old-fashioned shooters. I will certainly not complain. They are often simpler, but it’s part of what makes them so nice. Just turn off your mind and pull on enemies. Or, in the case of void Slayer, explode them with magic.