Traja Infinity is a custom MMORPG for Mobile

Agency services for its second title and first Moat Games ‘Infinity and Trapani’ is a sequel of the mobile MMORPG ‘Trade and’ started the service through Nixon 2019. The specific accounting elements at the time of disclosure motivation to focus on two elements ‘continual growth without’ and ‘mobile optimization’ to increase the completeness and promised that all users can grow to suit your own pace receives popularity has become a highly anticipated.

Then direction Tatra and Infinite is truly moving in the wonder either. For more about this game Mecca saw an interview with a representative of Lee, Chan, choebyeongin developing PD, yidongyun project implementation.

Please knock a brief introduction to the game

Lee, Chan Representative (hereinafter) : Simply put, Trapani and Infinite agenda say La mobile MMORPG efforts to optimize for mobile. As well as mobile devices, environmental or technical parts, in-game content, and the system was fraught with maps look good in a mobile environment. The primary goal is focused on constant growth.

choebyeongin develop PD (below minimum) : For the Rhine and Infinite agenda can introduce significant for two factors. The first is a system that helps you conduct a system called soul mate, party play asynchronously. The second is to occupy ago, it occupied an area which a user views a way to raise the efficiency of the region.

What is the reason for the advantage of the system is applied soulmate

Choir but when we talked the last part of a showcase, MMORPG is a genre where you can feel the fun together with other users. However, this occurs because even if you have to wait for someone else to take into account the matching time. It supports asynchronous data in order to solve this inconvenience. Of course, it is not a party to play unconditionally to be asynchronous, but it can also be a party between users in real time.

this : can not come to the telephone of the mobile environment, the character also can come, and also while traveling, someone might come to talk. Party seamless real-time play in a variety of situation is bound to be difficult. We thought that could sufficiently cooperate in the sense to focus on those parts thought to soul mate system, the jumyeonseodo feel as if your system provides a mobile environment.

Trayvon and Infinite kkoehaneunga a difference at some point and other MMORPG

I think sleep will tell you in general, the direction of any other MMORPG go multi-platform approach that can be connected in different environments: The. Of course this match, there are a lot of configuration oriented system that can adapt to different environments. But Trapani and Infinite is fully content and game systems designed mainly optimized for the mobile environment. In this section there is a difference.

If so, PC Client service will not in the plan

this : as described above, focused on creating a game optimized for the mobile environment. Of course, also tried worry about the need to create a PC client. But also provide user convenience, it focuses on optimizing content for mobile systems and equipment make sure that I was well enough to work well in the emulator listed previously. So Diego more focused on mobile, and PC will likely determine the client does not necessarily need. In addition, the plan does not support the PC client, because apart from providing systems that support growth in the 24 hours without off-line operation.

he said, because of the nature of MMORPG infinite growth. Why wonder that the nature of MMORPG unlimited growth

Choir : The Tribe and most infinity teams to MMORPG players. And all the people who had gathered a lot of trouble with. Conclusions from the end of worry was’ Let’s focus on the growth side, was to proceed in this direction. So it was to put the elements of a sense of accomplishment to continue to focus on growing your content in a way that you can enjoy the game.

This class will be free to switch was one of the features of the previous differentiation than any other MMORPG, Why Is the class specified in this small

this : If you use the previous class or multi-class Infinite concept, this work has captured the focus on endless growth. So you select multiple weapons I thought it could lead to higher fatigue. Also, I choose different weapons in one body the previous day was added to the class typically takes a lot of time developing, it occurred even if we do not keep up with the pace. So decided the classes specified scheme, instead, set up a plan so that you can continue to rapidly add new classes and body.

Are there crucial instrument or background of the mobile-optimized

this : Trapani had produced and Infinite in the opposite direction. Can the user while browsing your favorite game in any direction to become Carnival Rides are minimal, I thought that even many well optimized for mobile users to be cool and enjoy. This part is would like to inconclusive.

yidongyun project implementation : MMORPG requires intense growth and competition, and this feeling of fun also offer motives that I play the game, in some cases, but is a stress is interfering in life. In particular, PC console as you can and decide the time, trade and Infinity should also think you can reduce this burden. With more users without laying down more games, modulo to relax they can play games, enjoy willingly no matter greatly to the daily routine. Infinite is working fine, but would also make you think so.

  • Offline growing system will say the left-type system? For example differs a little more focused on mobile-optimized

Choir: It’s not the way to play the character. In terms of experience and items that much time now to supplement the growth leaks during offline hours a manner that the compensation. However, tie determined is compensated up to a time difference between the left-type.

this built a name as meditation system. I played games and also to also move into the background kkameokgi saenggimyeon other things, this isn’t costs a lot of sense that growth is stopped and left behind. To compensate for this, which will offer little to compensate for the amount of time you play online. It can be seen as a system designed to prevent falling behind casing as possible.

If the previous trade under manual control there is a merit such as experience accordingly. A similar system exists in this small

this : Hettie seeks to create a game like PC game that was a predecessor Trapani watching operations that operate long in one place. Game says the watch tie divided the camp and kill me anytime, anywhere. So we want to give the fun of the operation was to give this merit. But Infinite is no such direction Angie Bonus concept for the operation to take advantage of a soul mate or to occupy a desired region by region consists of a form that you can get a bonus in that area.

PVP battlefield. Or don’t introduction to real-time PVP content

maximum : By default, the field is not PVP However, there is a separate free space. To the urban dungeon present separately, in which it said configuration is to be free PK. Thus, there are special rewards to match, and it is also difficult to see hands with the penalty area.

main PVP content dwaetneunde want to introduce yet only occupied before and know about other key content, such as Dungeon Party

Choir : Open point, it is a city dungeons talk ahead before private occupation exists in the main content you can play the user’s needs. Diego ready to grow mainly focused content, and prepare for large-scale PVP in the future Corps members will be together.

this : Legion content will look similar to that of other game guilds, the content focused on PVP. The characteristics of the army itself consists of people will meet, and tie a variety of purposes, each corps expected to bring their own fun.


Are Legion content at the time of release is something

maximum: When it is the same as the rest of the guild system. Together they have the same purpose or raise the level will be the primary support for basic functions such as using a store primarily, is brought the Legion PVP content planned would have been determined that when users are fully grown.

Trayvon to infinity is not a new IP wonder why put out under the name Triton

this depicted it makes a new IP, and also requires significant preparation to develop small, it is significant because such massive predecessor, the game is designed so that the scale setting. Ahswiwotda it is to be used only under the Rhine. So I decided to take advantage of the elements by expanding the world it did not appear in previous work. Focusing on these areas was to configure the Rhine and Infinite.

Trayvon and don’t organized for BM Infinite

yidongyun project implementation: Although it may be – humorous representation, BM-oriented game that is simple inductive charging. Previous Trapani primer, He – JA a game in the accounting method is considered to have received the recognition, the games are basically oriented in that direction. When charging in the infinite growth faster and more comfortable, but handageona without accounting experience sudden hurdle will be so is this experience. Create a non-caustic and highly items also make milking a small charging users to efficiently plan the product mix surface, and also a user billing and looking the part where you can feel the fun aside.

If you have something to do last This : This is a variety of games that are a game that is a game. We are emphasizing that they are optimized for mobile. I have been sitting on a place to sit down and concentrate a long time in a game, but I thought I would have a lot of users who wanted to enjoy a game that I wanted to play with RPG growth or a game, and I designed a game with thoughts to make a game optimized for a mobile environment. I wanted to emphasize once again.