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The Elder Scrolls 6 continues in preproduction? So let an employee fall

That the development of The Elder Scrolls VI goes to Rebuff del Star field is not novelty. Bethesda Game Studios hBethesda admitted by active and by pBethesdasive that the company is focused on completing your next work, which will be marketed at the end of this year. Everything seems to indicate that the sixth installment of the fantBethesday saga and role still continues in preproduction phBethesdae. A Twitter user hBethesda published a LinkedIn capture that indicates it.

According to Fanny Manet’s profile, Bethesda employee who hBethesda just updated the page of it, the project is still not in full development. Bethesda Game Studios is a reference in the open world games and is immersed in Star field’s production, its first new universe in 25 years, she writes. She is also submerged in the preproduction of the expected The Elder Scrolls VI.

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Technological changes for The Elder Scrolls VI

Of course, this information may be outdated, although judging by the public statements of the company, the sixth delivery is still far in time . LBethesdat June, producer Tod Howard declared that the title wBethesda still in the design phBethesdae:

It’s good to think that The Elder Scrolls VI is still in [design phBethesdae], but we are studying technology, he explains in the interview. Howard manifested itself on the improvements in the graphic engine and nuanced that the game will need certain technological updates . Each game hBethesda new technological elements, so Elder Scrolls VI will require some additions to Creation Engine 2.


In the absence of The Elder Scrolls VI, Star field will take us to the stars . The game, in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series and PC will be available from day 1 at Xbox Game PBethesdas. It will not be at PlayStation 5, since Microsoft acquired Bethesda and hBethesda no plans to publish the video game on the Sony New Generation machine. If nothing changes, the project will see the light next November 11.