FC Bayern: Nagelsmann Blame Upamecano

30 times, the professionals of FC Bayern shot on Sunday evening towards the Gate of Hertha-Keeper Alexander Schools, six times they brought ball in the net, four times the hits counted. It is always important that you are looking out the number of chances, even against deep opponents, Julian Nagelsmann, who only disturbed the opportunity recycling.

Much more wormed the Bayern coach of the Berlin Honor to 1: 4 final score: This is totally superfluous and an unnecessary action. We can avoid that because the Many likes to play to zero and annoy it.

Day Upamecano, the Nagelsmann had first switched to Returner Lucas Hernandez for returnees, Steven Jove tic involuntarily played the ball in the run. The Montenegrin remained on new slopes, the rebound picked up the substitute Jürgen Ekkelenkamp but into the net.

That’s a gate that is absolutely avoidable, said Nagelsmann at DAZN and blamed Joker Upamecano, without calling his name: Why do you play the ball directly? If I have 95 kilos now and be very fast, take I get the ball at the foot, dribble, two meters and watches, what happens. At some point, Jove tic must make pressure on the goalkeeper, and you may play on your center-back colleagues. But you first stay on the ball. Who comes out of the back and jumps… that’s always difficult.

Nagelsmann’s Recommendation to Upamecano


Nagelsmann’s recommendation: I’m a great friend of making it easy with control, there was no big pressure, just the ball rectifier and see what the opponent offers 1. It is 4: 0, mind you can do it play a bit of controlled play. It is not that we have to be extremely fast-forward or behind a residue.

Just for those, which were in place from the beginning, nagelsmann annoyed. Hernandez and Co. have made the very, very good and conscientious, defended incredibly actively in the counterpressing.

In order to further improve the processes after the turbulent days with several corona infected players, Bayern will complete an internal test match on Friday. After the Bundesliga pause, on February 5th against RB Leipzig continue.