The new episode “FE: Male View on Football” with Almuths Shoulder

Already as an expert at the European Championship last summer, Azimuth has trained as a woman of clear views. And also in the new episode FE: Male View on Football the goalkeeper does not take a leaf in front of his mouth. It criticizes the DFB for in transparency and calls the election for the DFB president questionable.

In the detailed conversation, Shelters also speaks about her baby shower, about her friendship with Nadine Angered – and she talks about her future at the VFL Wolfsburg. Her contract at the end of the season runs out, in the podcast, she now gives off a slight trend.

21. January 202254: 36 minutes

Fe: Male 05 – Azimuth Shoulder

She is the only mother in the Football Bundesliga. Every day she commutes between family and club, is also a national player, celebrated TV expert and is involved in football for more women. We visit Azimuth’s training in the training center of VFL Wolfsburg, and she tells us which challenges she puts her turbulent life daily. The goalkeeper talks about whether she will continue its professional career and why they do not feel like sitting on the national team on the bench. She also discusses with us about the most important topics of her initiative football can be more and expresses its disappointment about decision-makers in football and the willingness to change the DFB.


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