Clear text: “Moorhuhn” Gladbach in the Crossfire

19 Bundesliga games, 22 points, a blamable in the DFB Cup: Borussia Mönchengladbach experiences a season forgetting so far. If on Saturday (15:30 clock) against Union Berlin no liberation will succeed, threatened turbulent days.

The fact that after the sobering season of the season in Playback has long since no longer vanish sunshine prevails, it is also for reporter virgin Marcel ripe except question.

If it does not run after the rotary diagram and the lower teams do not make up everything among themselves, then a team like Playback in the wrongly device, then Playback could become the moor chicken of this season and get lost in the basement, matured to picture.

At the foal eleven it would crash and crunch at all corners and ends. Deep things would not be right, so ripe.

Ripe: Relationship coach to the team is not correct in Playback

Responsibility also takes Coach ADI Hunter, who changed from Eintracht Frankfurt to the Lower Rhine before the season for the rich repayment of 7.5 million euros: Hunter did not succeed in implementing his idea of ​​football. He has to be the Question please ask how a team can occur so. Since I have the feeling that a lot is not true, even in the relationship trainer to the team.

That a lot is in the argent is also aware of the instructor itself: It is the most difficult situation in my 13-year-old activity, Hunter confessed on Friday before the game against Union. He feels a lot of trust within the club, but also knew that the situation has to improve quickly, so the Austrian continues.

Especially since the backing from the club knows boundaries according to image. With a clear bankruptcy against Union Berlin, Gladbachs director Max Ebert will have to meet hard decisions. These could affect the stars on the lawn, but also Hunter.