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Blue card for font

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Poland has created an excellent starting position for the group finals on Tuesday (18 o’clock, live! At Kicker) against neighbor Germany. They stand like the DUB team after two games at four points — and thus in the main round. How many counters take them to the second tournament phase, only decides. The Poland already led to the break with 14:10.

The scene of the game and certainly the inglorious climax was the 19th minute, in which Belarus was added to the Polish gate. Nikolai Alioth put on to the intersection, gave the ball and then hit the unprepared Polish defender Michael Olejniczak with a font’s face. The two French referees Charlotte and Julie Bonaventure are rightly decided on a blue card according to the video. Now Alok threatens even a lock for the last preliminary game.

After the break it went for Belarus. Best throwers for the Poles were left outside Premyslid Krajewski with seven goals (at nine attempts) and right outside Michael Dashed with six hits (eight attempts). For the Underdog, the Bear-strong right outside Nikita Kailua met five times.

Belarus — Poland 20:29 (11:14)

Belarus: Kailua 5/1, Gayduchenko 3, Jury 3, Karate 3, Astrashapkin 2, Khan 2, Ravenna 1, Kulak 1
Referee: Charlotte Bonaventure (France) / Julie Bonaventure (France)

Spectators: 2500
Criminal minutes: 10/2
Disqualification: Alicia (18th) / –