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HSBC (English: Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, Typical Chinese: 香港上海 滙豐 銀銀; Simplified Chinese: 香港 上海 汇丰 银银) is a British international banking group present in 84 countries as well as regions as well as gathering 60 million consumers. Its head workplace is in London in Canary Wharf’s enterprise zone.
Its background returns to the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Firm, a financial institution established in Hong Kong by Scottish Thomas Sutherland to finance trade in the Far East in 1865 and, originally, opium trafficking. Prior to relocating his head office in London in 1993 (prior to the retrocession of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China in 1997), the financial institution was based in Hong Kong. She was a time the 4th banking team in the world after Citigroup, Financial Institution of America and also the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. It is, according to the Global Forbes 2000 the sixth worldwide company as well as is just one of the 29 systemic financial institutions in 2014. In 2015, it has 266,000 employees. HSBC remains to take into consideration the UK as well as Hong Kong as its Home Markets ( Residential Markets ).
On September 25, 2009, the Group announced that its Director-General will clear up in Hong Kong on February 1, 2010. The head workplace continues to be in London.
Bank with particularly sulfurous background, HSBC has been on a regular basis associated with various political-financial retractions (mass tax evasion, terrorist funding, deforestation, cash laundering from medicine trafficking, etc.), and also has actually been the topic. Several convictions or tests still in progression, for example in Mexico where she financed the cartels of the drug.
June 19, 2022, HSBC introduces its retail financial institution in France for the benefit of My Money Team subsidiary of the American Marauder Fund Cerberus Funding Monitoring.

Who currently uses search engines on the Internet, should look closely. Scammers do their way here. They have apart from bank customers.

Dortmund — who gives ways in search engines, will also be confronted with advertising there and again. The supreme hits are often marked advertisements that were intentionally and against the payment of fees there. Consumers should be careful, because behind some stuck scammers.

Google, Bing and more in the browser: Advertising can also be fraud

Advertising does not only appear at the market leader Google, but also with Bing and other search engines. It is not always about the most sensible link to the respective search request — and often they are not even trustworthy.

Who clicks on the links and not noticed the marking as an ad, may end up on a website that was not searched for. Frequently, websites are also similar to the well-known online banking portals. And they can be dangerous (read more news about digital at online banking).

Fraud on online banking on Google and more: That can happen

As the consumer Center NRW reports, users can be damaged in several ways. Often, the fraudulent pages suggest that access to the user is locked for the user and to unlock a specified telephone number for unlocking.

Under the corresponding number, so the consumer center, fraudsters could query important personal data. With these fraudsters could later plunder the actual bank account. It’s not the first time that banks fall into sights of cheats: most recently different stitches circulated via mail.

With another fraud mesh on one of the fake websites, there is specified that consumers now need a special app to continue using online banking. But these are not the official programs of the respective bank, but about so-called keyloggers.

Online Banking: How to protect yourself from fraud for search engines

These apps can read the data that types consumers in your smartph1. These include access data and passwords. Other apps can read the user’s address book and send it to the contacts in bulk spam. Similar to a fraud, which currently circulates at WhatsApp.


But how can one protect oneself from the fraud mesh? The consumer center advises to always tap the correct address bar in the browser for sensitive websites such as online banking. That means: whoever has to transfer something online or wants to view his account balance should not search for the bank by search engine and do not click on the links.

If you do not know the exact address for online banking, you still have to search by search engine. For the hits, you should definitely pay attention to terms, such as display, advertising or the like and do not click on the corresponding links.

Key Logger apps avoid: help these tips

But you should also protect yourself from the fraudulent apps. Apps should only be installed from official applications such as the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. If a website urges to install an app, it’s usually dangerous (read more warnings at online banking).

Many smartphones have a security function through which apps can not be installed by website. Many fraudulent pages provide instructions on how to handle this function. Such requests should urgently be ignored.

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