Infernax: sweeten the Valentines Day with this retro action

Flowers, chocolates, maybe a romantic meal — for Valentine’s Day many of us put in stuff to impress the better half. Here is another suggestion: why not whistle on the whole stuff and instead gamble cozy together infernal? The 2D Action RPG appears punctually for Valentine’s Day, so on February 14, 2022. All platforms are served, the game comes at the same time on PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X. Here’s all the info, pictures and a new trailer.

Infernal is a modern retro game, violently inspired by large 8-bit classics such as Castlemaine, but at the same time packed with contemporary features. In the humorous adventure, she slips into the roughly pixeled skin of Alcindor, a brave knight, who returns to his homeland after a battle, which was overrun by beasts from the underworld. Your he’ll bring to you in classic sidescroller action, which recalls at first glance to 2D classics such as Ghost’s Goblins or Castlemaine — so you expect fragmentary (and proper bloody) struggles and a retro graphic style, all deliberately The big ones of the NEW era reminds. But as you see in the trailer, there is still much more behind it.

Although infernal with these features barely distinguishes itself from the majority of the competition, it wants to highlight it at least in a point clearly: it should not only solve any amount of quests, but often make moral decisions. For example, you can choose in a situation whether your NPC is brutal or banished instead. Such decisions can later have a significant impact on story and gameplay, whereby infernal should also offer a high playback value.

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Moral decisions are intended to influence the procedure. [Source: Berserk Studio]

Infernal is developed by Berserk Studios, a small team from Canada, which was finally in appearance with the successful rhythm action game Just Shapes & Beats. According to the developer, Infernal will become the game of your childhood dreams — whether that worked, we will learn soon: The Retro 2D Action RPG will be released on February 14 for PC, Switch, PS4 (and PS5), Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X. On Steam you can put infernal on your wish list.