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Destiny 2: The best fusion rifles for PVE, PVP, Gambit (2022)

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Fusion rifles have been very close to my heart as a user for a long time since the day I got Pocket Infinity in Destiny 1. Naturally, I have many solid opinions about them, so let’s continue checking the the best fusion rifles for EVE, PVP and Gambit at Destiny 2 EN 2022 .

The best fusion rifles in Destiny 2

Great for EVE and Gambit

  • Cartesian coordinates (Solar, Energy) — Random fall in the world.
  • Rompesueño (Solar, Energy): It is obtained by completing the earthenware missions.
  • Glacioclasma (Energy, vacuum): Only available during the Dawning event.
  • For some reason (energy, solar, exotic) — possible fall after completing powerful arms frames in Ferguson Forge.
  • Without thanks (energy, solar, exotic) — Rare fall of the exotic world.
  • Without calmness — (empty, energy) — Complete season of the Splicer Quest ritual through Banshee-44.
  • Thousand voices (power, solar, exotic): extremely rare fall after completing the incursion, last desire.
  • Connect a (Arc, Energy) — Possible drop to select Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes.
  • Celeste (energy, emptiness) — Rare fall of the exotic world.
  • VEX miscast (energy, solar, exotic) — extremely rare drop after completing the raid, glass vault.
  • fanatic reward (energy, vacuum) — possible fall after completing meetings in the raid, garden of salvation.

Season of the Lost, the longest season in the history of Destiny, added the season modification: particle deconstruction, which greatly improves the damage received by an enemy from all fusion rifle sources after receiving some shots.

This mod elevated fusion rifles to the next level of DPS weapons. Null Composure and Cartesian Coordinate are excellent options because both shoot very fast, have large chargers and have advantages that can help them inflict harder enemies (reserves of high impact and formal weapon respectively).

If you have trouble getting them, or you want something well-balanced and fun to shoot, you also consider Dream Breaker, which can be easily used for your divine benefits when completing enchantment desktop missions on the Moon.

Perhaps no fusion takes advantage of more seasonal mod than VEX Osteoclast. It was fine after his previous benefit of season 15, but now, combined with the deconstruction of particles, it is simply an absolute monster. You can activate the mod quickly with its fast shooting mode and then unleash brutal shooting for a power weapon with its linear melting rifle mode while the disadvantage is present in the enemy.

All the other exotic also benefit from the mod, especially One Thousand Voices, which was perfect before the season began, and now it is absolutely a great burner of bosses.

Finally, if you can get a gladiolas with Burst Book while The Dawning is active, it can also be a piece monster weapon that reminds Loaded Question.

The best fusion rifles for PVP and Crucible

  • Bastion (kinetic, exotic): Available through an exotic kiosk.
  • Glacioclasma (Energy, vacuum): Only available during the Dawning event.
  • For some reason (energy, solar, exotic) — available through an exotic kiosk.
  • Main ingredient (Energy, Arch) — Random Fall of the World.
  • Celeste (Energy, Empty, Exotic) — Rare Fall of the Exotic World

VEX miscast (energy, solar, exotic) — extremely rare drop after completing the raid, glass vault.

In PVP things are a little different… Well, except for VEX, it is also a monster that is deadly at almost any distance.

The precision frame melting rifles now dominate the chicken coop in PVP, surpassing the high impacts they have reigned for a long time. The main ingredient is the best of the group with its ease of use, solid braking power and access to some very useful advantages. That said, high impacts like gladiolas can still work well if you prefer to feel them.

Bastion, although it is nerve, remains a solid weapon that hits extremely strong and can even stop the toughest enemies.

Nor do you fall asleep with female, not only is it still as powerful as always, but you can also put it cheeky and put traps shooting on the ground where you think the players will cross. They will still explode once they come in contact with someone.

Finally, less for the competition and more by the memes, Return can still catch guardians asleep on the map and frustrate them as well as he has done it for years.

That’s all for our best melting rifles in Destiny 2 for EVE, PVP and Gambit . If you want to know more about the weapons recommendations. Check out our full lists below: The best weapons for EVE The best weapons for PVP The best weapons for Gambit