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Also, prior to the turn of the year, Amazon Games laid the structure for greater modifications to the Endgame of New World. The competence and plaster dump system is now extended by the Umbra splitter. For the dungeons comes a combined mutation system — seem like a great deal, yet is not so complex.

NEW WORLD: New systems should make endgame more attractive

From the getting to of the maximum level (60), the competence system becomes noticeable. Buys your devices that lies over your competence value, the video game chooses the mean between your competence worth as well as the armor.

The first action in changing completion video games in New World Amazon Games has currently made the competence as well as plaster cast system in 2015. Below once more quickly what is behind it, the changes are currently on the online servers to discover.

Your competence worth can be increased to different species:

Use a plaster cast
Completion of an end game dungeon
Random opportunity for a rise with opponents and also chests in endgame regions

What are plaster straps?

Plaster casts makes you from various kinds of plaster that you make it through tasks such as endgame dungeons, outside message tower or corrupt events. It creates gypsum casts for details tools ports and then obtains a thing for this slot with a greater shield than your present as well as hence raises the competence value.

(Source: Amazon Games).

Anomalies and Umbra Splitter

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The competence as well as gypsum dump system is currently prolonged by the Umbra splitter. From the getting to of the optimum degree (60), the competence system becomes noticeable. You start with a competence value of 500 (the existing restriction is 590) for each tool’s port. Acquires your tools that lies over your competence worth, the video game chooses the mean between your competence value and also the shield.

Mutations have various results, which basically weaken you or enhance the opponent. There are an overall of 10 anomaly or trouble levels on which your dungeon can finish. According to New World Database you can leave the dungeon on phase 10 with up to 6,000 splinters.

The every little thing seems like a great deal of work. Right here is something for in between:.

By making a thing with the armor of 600 (need is a competence worth of at the very least 600 for the slot).
By utilizing a cast for a slot with competence value of at least 600.
By finishing dungeons with mutations.

(Source: Amazon Games).

Since January 6, 2022, these 2 brand-new systems are already on public test servers. The brand-new limit for the competence value of the standard kind is there at 600. From this value Umbra splitter need to be utilized. With these splinters, individual objects can be upgraded to a shield of 625 This procedure is always updated alongside the competence worth for the particular slot. The very first assessments cost you only a few splinters, yet the last actions up to 625 takes in thousands of them. A table with the present worth of the test servers can be found at New World Data Source.

The splitter obtains you in three methods:.

Mutations for dungeons.

The new limitation for the competence value of the conventional type is there at 600.

The system is likely to advise numerous MMO fans to the legendary + dungeons in Wow, where supposed affixes enhance the challenge and boost the incentive in the long run. Presently the anomalies are still on the examination servers of New World. There is no exact day for the live web servers yet.