PSVR 2: All previously confirmed VR

Sony will release for the PS5 to an as yet unknown date, a new VR headset. It bears the name PlayStation 2 and VR is compared to the PS4 predecessor with significantly reamed technique, improved tracking system and futuristic controllers.

But any hardware is only as good as the games that appear for a system. That’s why you will find all previously officially confirmed PSV two games in this article. All too extensive the list is not yet, but we will of course supplement once announced more titles and / or confirmed.

Last updated on January 5, 2022: The first confirmed games for PSV 2 inserted.

These games are for PSV 2

Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain

Genre: action adventure
Release: Unknown

That’s the point: In Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain, we assume the role of a completely new figure in Horizon universe and experience with her a not closer defined adventure. Zero Dawn heroine Ally will also appear in the game, and the optical highlights the huge mechanical engineering should include, of course, one of which — the long-necked — appears already in the teaser video. Call of the Mountain is being developed by Guerrilla Games and Fire spite games.


Genre: Adventure
Release: Unknown

That’s the point: Low-Fi puts us in the uniform of a policeman in a particularly crime-infested area of ​​a dystopian city is on the way and see to a fine. According to the official Steam site of the game, the game world is kept open, and the whole VR experience thus not be linear. We can, for example, control cars or dependent in the arcade hall. For weapons and the companion of the police, there will be various upgrades.

Pavlov Shack

Genre: Shooter
Release: Already available (for Oculus Quest), not known (for PSV 2)

PSVR 2 - Official PlayStation Presentation | CES 2022

That’s the point: Pavlov Shack is an optimized for Oculus Quest PSV two offshoots of the popular PC game VR Pavlov. This is a multiplayer shooter that is both playful and visually in Counterstroke: Global Offensive remembers and makes competing in 5-on-5 matches us.

Is the PSV 2 backwards compatible?

In addition to the confirmed date for the PSV two titles, there are already a whole portfolio of games for the first PSV generation. Whether the PSV 2 but is backwards compatible with these games and this is possibly happening optimized, is not yet known.

More information about PSV 2

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PSV 2 will be released exclusively for the PS5. A release date or price for the system are not yet known. Finally, it was rumored that PSV 2 could possibly go soon in mass production.

Which PSV 2 title are you looking forward to the most?