Supercat, `complaination of comprehensive wage system`s positive corporate culture leading and welfare enhancement

Super cat (Representative Kim Young) has released a comprehensive wage system from January 1, 2022, and it has been planning to set up a positive corporate culture by improving the employee welfare system based on it.

Comprehensive wage agents are wage methods that are paid or paid in the basis of time-out-of-time working allowance, regardless of actual working hours. It is mainly used in industries that are difficult to calculate the working time of the employee person.

In the IT industry, only some middle-class and large enterprises have abolished comprehensive wages. While abolishing the comprehensive wage system, it maintains the agreement salary that was applied under the existing comprehensive wage system and paying the allowance on the work that exceeds 40 hours, and the level of employees will be increased.

This comprehensive wage agent is intended to increase the quality of life of Super cat members and establish a reasonable working culture, and will pay for members who work exceeded 40 hours to earn more than 40 hours.

Based on mutual trust relationships, separate complement monitoring, such as Lee Seek Man, is not introduced. We are planning to work only on a positive corporate culture and to enhance the overall business productivity through the balance of work and life.

Industry officials said, If you abolish the comprehensive wage system, it is common to reduce the number of days of working on time out of time. I have an advantage of rising, and the idiot.

In addition, Super cat has recently introduced autonomous disparity, and is actively innovating to improve the welfare of members, providing a two-way seasonal vacation and providing a welfare card of 3 million won a year.

In addition, Super cat members can use the in-house convenience store ‘Super Mart’ to freely, and the game room and massage room, resting room, etc., including the in-house café ‘SHU The Battle’, can be used freely without limitation.

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Super cat Kim Young, said, We have been abolished comprehensive wages to make a reasonable compensation as soon as Super cat members are trying, he said, he said, he said. I will be entirely supported so that it will be fully supported.