Today s steam Netflix drama

The more leader series appeared in the world’s best-selling product charts in the world. Netflix Drama The discount on the new season airing commemoration has affected the sales.

‘The More Sightseer 3: Wild Hunt’ recorded the third top of the world around the world, as of 10:00 am on the 22nd. Gasholder 3 was the latest in 2015, and 6 million sheets are sold in 6 weeks and a large-range, and I received a lot of Got, and I received a lot of Got. This is a Got edition that is on the ranking this time.

The driving force of this chart seems to be in special sales. Netflix Drama ‘Square’ Season 2 disclosure can be purchased at 109% discounted for 24 hours. The discount rate is high, and it is assumed to have a high interest in the game with a Netflix drama, and the steam sales volume is increased. Seating Drama Season 2 also has entered the top of the worldwide viewing rating worldwide after the broadcast.

Meanwhile, the Word series original novel ‘Miami 5: The woman of the lake (award) was also published through Zhu Media. This novel dealing with the last series of the series is the Bottle and Jean Phrase of the Prophecy.

In addition, the discounted ‘Horizon Zero Complete Edition’ was ranked 4th in the sales volume, and the Ready Opera, which has been in the past 20 days ahead of the steam, is still in the first place.

Witcher 3: Official Netflix DLC Confirmed.

On the other hand, in the top simultaneous connection TOP 20 at the top 20, the Final Fantasy 14 has risen to the 14th place at 17th. Destiny Guardians also ranked 13th to 11th.