Temem got your final The last island released but this is not the last update

. Pokamonated MMO for which I waited and with whom I had related hopes. I was afraid of Kickstarter, because there were so many scams on this platform that man is not able to count them all. In this case, the game came out and is available, but it was not developed at the rate in which she had. Developers made a lot of mistakes, the enormity of the illustrated has not been addressed, and customer service has seen better times.

Finally, it is still in Early Access, so you can not complain, right? Dear Early Access, because regular price increases as an update with content made the creator of their work 152 zlotys. Is it worth spending so much for this title? Rate yourself. At the lack of news, complain theoretically, it is not now that the new island has just received.

New, or rather the last, planned island. Ar bury Island is now available and in this way the creators released the entire planned content of the game they declared during Kickstarter. Together with the new area, the latest feature tasks ending the main campaign, as well as the last 31 names, which gives us a total of 165 stings in the game.

The update also introduces a system of achievements (KUDOS), expires, and also improves stability and optimizes this title. All new products are described here. What, however, on with this title? What Cream, project developer, plans?

The creators have announced that if it was completed, so MMO will not be abandoned or forgotten. What’s more, this is still not the end of Early Access game. Developers have further plans for the development of their title even after the premiere of version 1.0. There are still things that should hit this title, and on the list are also, also unique FISHERY. An END-GAME dedicated zone will also appear!

The team calms down so that you do not panic due to end subtitles at temperatures. It’s only a history final, but the project itself will continue to develop. The game will receive the mountains, Dojo Wars, Trading House, Public API or Cross-Progression System.

When is all this? It is not known. Interested in the game, I invite you here.