FFVII Remake of PS can be updated for free to PS5

Zack Fair (ザックス · フェア, Backus FEW) is a Final Fantasy VII video game character. It is the primary protagonist of the video game Dilemma Core: Final Fantasy VII as well as the OAK Last Order: FINAL FANTASY VII. In Final Fantasy VII, it’s a non-playable character, and also it just appears late in the Flashbacks of Cloud Quarrel. In the adhering to video games, Zack looks like a member of the Paramilitary Soldier, young as well as impulsive company, who will certainly be liable for the objectives against the ex-soldier deserter, Rhapsodic. His profession within the organization will certainly permit him to find a few of the keys of his employer, the Shira Corporation. Zack is likewise present in the video game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Along with in the last chapter of Final Fantasy 7 remake.

At the beginning of years it was revealed that Final Fantasy VII Remake would have a new generation version, which not only improved the visual section of the game, but also added a new chapter starring Toughie. However, not all players had access to this content, since the version Intergrade was not available for those who obtained this remake by means of PS Plus. Fortunately, This will change this week.

Through your official Twitter account, Square Enix revealed that users who obtained Final Fantasy VII Remake through PlayStation Plus, can update the game to the PS5 version for free from next December 22. This is not all, since the DLC of intermission can be achieved with a discount of 25% in the PS Store.

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade provides a resolution at 4K, 60fps, a photographic mode, and a series of visual improvements. All this is available for free with the update. On the other hand, INTERMISSION is an additional chapter starring Toughie, which is sold separately. However, The physical edition of this title offers the complete package.

How to upgrade PS4 FFVII Remake to PS5 INTERGRADE + INTERmission DLC
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Editor’s note:

Intergrade Very worthwhile. Not only the visual and technical improvements make the experience more pleasant, but the new content gives us a good look at the future of this remake, and makes any fan of Final Fantasy Vii get excited about the future parts of this reimagination.