Sonic Colors Ultimate Patch 3 0 released

Everything The New Sonic Colors Ultimate Patch Fixed! (Sonic Colors  Ultimate Patch 3.0)

Sega releases a new cross-platform patch for Sonic Colors: Ultimate, the AdrenalingLaden Remaster of the Popular Wii Platformer Sonic Colors. Patch 3.0 contains the new Celebration Pack and Quality-of-Life enhancements. In addition, the update addresses a variety of errors. Celebration Pack: New content for Sonic, inclusive… Burst shoes Burst gloves Firework Boost Firework Aura AOL improvements: Ultimate Mix / Original Mix Soundtrack Toggle Full screen Boost Blur on / off-Toggle Tails navigation on / off-toggle FULL-SCREEN MOVIE PLAYBACK OF OPTION SATELLITES Improved view of the Cyan WISP Adornment General bug fixes: Improved stability on all platforms Update of the opponent attack speed Improved Green Hover Ring Dash function Improved visibility of the Big Chaser Attack (especially for Nintendo Switch) Numerous other bug fixes