WoW Patch 9 2 No end of eternity in 2021

Typically, the WoW makers do not reveal when and with which content they play a public test server for online role-playing. That probably has to do so that you do not want to make any promises in advance, which you can not comply with. This time, in mid-December 2021, but there is one exception: Community Manager NAVAL can be found about the WoW forum that today, on December 15, 2021, the last PTR build of December 2021 was recorded.

Of course, the work of the design team at the end of eternity is continued, but only expresses itself in hotfixes of the test server. The next big build for patch 9.2 will come to the PTR in the first week of January 2022.

WOW Patch 9.2 does not appear in 2021

And in good German, this somewhat cryptically formulated announcement can actually be read like this: WOW Patch 9.2 will not appear any more 2021, but rather early in 2022. That has already suggested that over the past few days, even though our editor Phil thought was that WOW 9.2 actually visually almost finished.

Since last weekend (December 11, 2021), however, announcements already made the round, that the time immigration for Legion, which is currently hosted in World of Warcraft (Buy €14.99), until the first week of the January 2022 is extended — quasi to give the players about the holidays for Christmas and New Year’s Eve something to do. The magic tower shouts literally after you…

The end of eternity

With WoW Patch 9.2, among other things, the new Earth Morris game area and the RAID Mausoleum of the first come into play. To do this, the splitting of Nazareth, the dance studio in the Dark Moon Memory and are still more content that you can inform you about our patch overview. Below you will find the patch notes for the last large PTR update 2021 from Patch 9.2.


Added 3 New Night Elf Male Face Options Based on the 3 Scowling Faces, But Now with a MORE NATURAL AND LESS AGGRESSIVE MOUTH.


SINFUL Hysteria (Century Rune carving Power) Now Increases The Duration of Ravenous Frenzy by 0.1 Second With Each Application (What 0.2 Seconds) And You Will Not Be Overcome by Frenzy for 3 Seconds After It Ends (What 5 Seconds).
Developers’ note: We Are Currently Work shopping SINFUL Hysteria to Bring It in Line With Other Legendarily Available for Druids. Future Builds May Lake Additional Changes to Sinful Hysteria So We Invite Any And All Feedback to Ensure The Spirit Of This Legendary Remains Intact.

Class sets

2-piece: Reworked — You Have A 0.8% Chance via Insanity Spent on Damaging Spells to Trigger Dark Thought.
4-piece: Reworked — Consuming A Dark Thought Causes Your Shadow To Animate, Following You and Dealing 3,715 Shadow Damage Over 8 Seconds To All Enemies Within 10 Yards of Your Target.


Elemental Conduit (Century Rune carving Power) NOW So Reduces The Col down of Chain Harvest (Century Ability) by 1 Second When Flame Shock Critically Strikes.
Flame Shock Now Has A Target Cap of 6.
Frost Shock Damage Increased by 40%.
Unruly winds (Conduit) Chance to Trigger is now 15% to 50% based on Item Level (20% to 35%).
Magma Fist (Conduit) Additional Critical Strike Chance is now 12% to 37.2% Based on Item Level (15% to 25%).
Focused Lightning (Conduit) Damage Or Healing Increase is now 5% to 12% based on Item Level (What 1% to 4.5%).
Chilled to the core (Conduit) Chance to Trigger is now 30% to 72% based on Item Level (What 21% to 35%).


CENTURY (Talent) Now Causes Your Next 4 Frost Shocks to Deal 225% Increased Damage (What 300%).
Fire Elemental Has Had The MANA Cost of Its Abilities Reduced by 90% and Should No Longer Run Out of MANA.


IF You Lava Lash A Target That Has Flame Shock On Them, Lava Lash Will Now Spread Flame Shock to up to 3 Nearby Enemies in 8 yard Radii. IF All Enemies in The Area Are Already Affected With Flame Shock, IT wants to Refresh the Duration of Flame Shock Instead.
Feral Spirit No Longer Shows Up Under The Unit Frame Totem Timers Slots. This is to Prevent Too Many Spirits in Conjunction With Other Summons Overflowing Thesis Slots and Respawning The Spirits Prematurely.
ICE Strike (Talent) and Sundering (Talent) Can Now Properly Cause The Flame tongue Weapon Damage Effect.
Ice Strike and Sundering ARE No Longer ABLE to Used While Disarmed.

Creating The NEW ARBITER Cinematics & Questline | SPOILERS Eternity's End Patch 9.2 WoW


Summon Succubus/Incubus (Incubus will be available in a future PTR build)
Seduction (Pet Ability) now causes the target to slowly walk towards the demon. It now also has a chance to break on damage taken, rather than always breaking on the first instance of damage.
Whiplash (Pet Ability) now also causes enemies to take 1% increased damage from the Succubus or Incubus each time it strikes, stacking up to 10 times. Duration increased to 15 seconds (was 10 seconds).

Class Sets

2-piece: Now increases Colossus Smash’s rebuff by 5% (was 10%).
4-piece: Strength increase per stack is now 2% (was 4%) and stacks up to 4 times (was 5).

New Raid: Sepulcher of the First Ones
The following Heroic encounters will be available for testing on December 16:

Alondra the Reclaimer

Prototype Pantheon

The following Heroic encounters will be available for testing on December 17:
Indoor Wynn
Solitary Guardian


Death bolt (PVP Talent) now deals its damage over 3 seconds (was immediate damage). This periodic effect cannot be dispelled.

New Campaign Chapters

Chapters 6 and 7 are available in the December 14 PTR update.

Anima Powers

Heart of the Death seer no longer causes increased Flame Shock spreading.


More treasures to Discover have been added.

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