Brad s brands and Rams

1. A man was about the rest on this match day. His name: Tom Brady. The Seven Super Bowl winner advanced at the 33: 27-Overtime victory against the Buffalo Bill’s quarterback with most successful passports (7156, so before Drew Trees).

2 . But not only: Brady’s final pass in renewal should be his exact 700. Touchdown litter of his career (617 in 314 Regular Season games and 83 in 45 play-off games), with which he then also his own personal Victory balances for duels with the bills on famous 33: 3 expanded.

3 . With the balance sheet of 10: 3, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are thus clear first in the NFC South, the play-off ticket will no longer be taking the team. Throughout the NFC, Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers (also 10: 3) after 45:30 in Chicago at the top.

4 . With the triumph over the Bears, Packers-Ass Aaron Rodgers (over 300 yards, four TD passports) underlined once again to be the shock Chicago’s. With now 61 touchdown lows against the bears, A-Rod now has more TDS against Windy City than any other playmaker of the NFL story — previously the former Green Bay Star Brett Favre was at the top at the top. And: Rodgers has now won against his favorite opponent six times in a row.

5 . Also, thick in the store are the Los Angeles Rams, who left the recent weakness phase with a deserved 30:23 at the Arizona Cardinals (10: 3) behind and at the same time reached on 9: 4.

6 . With the success of the Cards, two achievements were also accompanied by La: Quarterback Matthew Stafford, before the season from the Detroit Lions, has reached more successes with Nine Siegen than in the last two seasons in Motor City in total (only eight). Head Coach Sean McKay, meanwhile, will also conclude this Regular Season, his fifth, with a positive balance.

7 . Meanwhile, Rams machine Aaron Donald is also at least ten sacks in his fifth NFL year. The defensive tackle is once again one of the best Attacker of the league, but is currently exceeded by a phenomenal rookie. Cowboys Professional Micah Parsons namely is already at twelve sacks, 57 Solo Tackles, 17 Tackles for Loss and 27 Quarterback Hits.

The takeaways from the Rams’ win over the Cardinals | Get Up
8th. Although the Atlanta Falcons come to a comprehension of all points to a ratio of minus 108, the team around Matt Ryan with a balance of 6: 7 is still in a very promising play-off position (Washington would be with 6: 7).

9 . Speaking of the final round: In the entire AFC it could hardly approach the coveted January football tickets. Between the current sixth Indianapolis (7: 6) and the 13th Miami (6: 7) is only a victory difference. Teams like the Bills (7: 6), Browns (7: 6), Bengals (7: 6), Broncos (7: 6), Steelers (6: 6: 1) and Raiders (6: 7) fight here diligently.

10 . At the top of the AFC enthroned the New England Patriots with 9: 4, but after the currently play-free week, however, have been pressed under the ever-increasing Kansas City Chiefs (9: 4). The team around Mar-Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has already retracted the sixth victory with the overlooking 48: 9 victory against the Las Vegas Raiders.

11 . For whom it may not run this season, Trevor is Lawrence. The First Overall Pick of this year’s drafts stands with its Jacksonville Jaguars after the present 0: 20-shutout at the Tennessee Titans (9: 4) at 2:11 and is very personal since Week 9 with 196 passport attempts to just a single touchdown pass. For comparison: Patriot replacement man Brian Homer has the same yield in the same period — with only three passport attempts.