The new character of Critical Role makes fans feel d j vu

Paper Critical The newer character is a callback to one of the most fun one-shots of the program. Paper Critical The most recent campaign is in full swing, although your list of characters players is a bit different from the previous one. In particular, several cast members have opted to repeat previous game characters, adding a level of continuity and familiarity to a completely new story. This trend continues in the most recent episode, or at least it will make the lifelong fanatics feel that they have met the newest character of the program before.

[Spoilers for Critical Role’s Campaign 3 follows]

The last episode of ROL critics serves as the debut of the new character of Travis Willing ham. Willing ham brought back Bertrand Bell during the first episodes of the series before that character was killed and Willing ham walked away (temporarily) of the game. Bell was one of Willing ham’s characters of a one-time episode, and the new character of him has some deliberate similarities with another of the oldest characters in Willing ham.

In the new episode, Willing ham premieres the new character of him Cheney Pock O’Pea, a gnome rogue. Cheney is a new character for criticism, but fanatics can recognize that the character is clearly similar to Chutney Chocolate cane, a Christmas elf, also played by Willing ham. Chutney (the Christmas elf) was part of a band of elves in charge of rescuing Santa Claus. However, Chutney tried to kill Santa Claus when he presented himself the opportunity, seeking revenge for years of abuse on the part of mythical player and dealer.

After the episode came out into the air, The Dungeon Matthew Mercer was directed to Twitter to clarify that Chutney and Cheney were not the same character. However, Willing ham enjoyed both playing and Chutney that he decided to bring the character back for an adequate career in a campaign.

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You can see the official artwork of Cheney, drawn by the artist Hannah Friedrich, then. You will notice that Cheney retains several features such as the spiritual predecessor of him. Cheney is a carpenter with facial scars and even uses a wool hat in what seems to be a winter wink to the past.

Cheney officially joined the group of adventurers in the last episode of relist. It is likely that we will see his motivations (and maybe a hatred towards men with cheerful beard?) In new episodes, which are transmitted every Thursday in paper Critical TWITCH channel.