The advertisement of Grand Theft Auto leaves GTA fanatics annoyed by GTA 6

A new Grand Theft Auto has left the announcement of Rockstar Games GTA Fans annoyed by GTA 6. Today, the next big GTA online Update of content — presenting GTA 5 Franklin and Dr. Dre — was announced, and since then, GTA 6 has been a tendency on Twitter. If someone thought, for some reason, that GTA online went anywhere or that the support would begin to decrease, well, today’s announcement was a reminder that this will not happen soon. Of course, fans of GTA online were excited and embraced today’s news, but Grand Theft Auto fans about GTA online and GTA 5 and wanting GTA 6, the news today was another painful reminder that GTA 6 is not neither close to free

According to several rumors and reports, GTA 6 is at least 2 or 3 years of its launch. That said, many Grand Theft Auto fans may not last so long. Every time there is something important GTA news that is not GTA 6 tendencies on Twitter, and this time it was not the exception. However, much of this trend is driven by memes and commitment to agriculture, since someone who examines these tweets each time GTA 6 trends, I start noticing more and more Grand Theft Auto fans really lose hope on the play.

Following the trend, fanatics have taken advantage of the opportunity to point out that Rockstar Games is literally doing anything in addition to providing the fans Grand Theft Auto, and there is something really in this. Between the continuous support of GTA Online, the recent Remasterizations of the GTA Trilogy and the next Remaster of GTA 5, Rockstar Games makes everything except to offer fans GTA 6 and a Remaster of GTA 4, but according to several rumors, this could Change soon. Meanwhile, a fan used the trend to point out that GTA 5 and GTA Online We are so old that the iPhone 4 was new when the games were launched.

So, why Rockstar Games has not released G Ta 6 Still? Well, there are many elements that contribute to this, but one of the main reasons is that GTA 5 and GTA online, continue making Rockstar Games and your Take-Two Interactive matrix company are unimaginable amounts. Grand Theft Auto Fans continue to return and play GTA online en masse.

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