G123 Blessing of this wonderful world in Genie s fantasy Another Tail Started from today s collaboration event today Ceria and Latfa appeared in this fast character costume Enjoy the first collaboration event of Anatay

BTW Corporation has notified that the collaboration event blessed to this wonderful world! At the HTML5 game Genie’s fantastic Another Tale distributed at G123 was started from today.

Celia with the costume of This Violet character appeared!

Native The first collaboration event will be held on the largest scale of Anatomy history. The character of Genie Gentoo, including Celia and Rat fa, appears in a limited skin with the costumes of this vibration character. There are many other collaboration limited content, so enjoy the world of collaboration.
Collaboration During Period: December 9, 202 (Thu) -20121 (Fri)

Get a collaboration limited companion alas skin!

Celia = Claire (Aqua Costume)
Rat fa (Menuhin costume)
Aphid (Dates Costume)
Sarah (Juno costume)
More than 4 characters will appear as a fellow alas skin that combines the costume of this fast character.

Collaboration Limited Support Character Appeared!

As a support character of collaboration limited, Aqua Karma and Wiz will appear from This Asia. Because it is a powerful support character of LR, please try to earn by all means.

Collaboration Limited Story Implementation decision!

A collaboration limited story has been decided, with the character of genie Gens and This Vibration. Rio and Cellars are involved in collaboration with Karma and Aqua, or by all means.

Collaboration Limited Ability Set

Challenge various missions and complete the puzzle, you can get a collaboration specification capability set that can be equipped with the main character. Because the design with the motif of Menuhin is centered, it will be equipped, so you may want to cast an explosion magic Chan…? Please try to earn by all means.

Collaboration Limited BOSS Durham appeared!

During the collaboration period, the enemy Durham appeared this quickly appeared as a limited BOSS. Please defeat daily and aim to earn luxury items.

Login Bonus Presented a limited name plate and title!

In commemoration of collaboration, a limited nameplate or title that has become this aside specification can be acquired with a login bonus. Set the title or name plate to ensure a collaboration event of this fast color.

What is the genus fantasy?

This work is the first game work of the TV anime genie Gens. A game original hero is an RPG game that fulfills a powerful battle with the original familiar characters, including the main character Rio (CV: Matsuda Assume), which was lost from different worlds.
The fight is a full auto turn turned battle, and its own party can be organized up to 10 people. It is the key to the game capture that the main character, fellow character and support character is well-balanced.
In addition, the characters of spirit Greens have appeared in a costume that can only be seen in the game, or many game original characters appear, and it is also attracting attention to characters that appear in the game.
Primary Gens AOI Fans, of course, enjoy the Royal RPG of the royal road given by G123, which can be enjoyed by those who do not know the work.

● Click here for the game

Game Basic Information

Game Title: Primary Fantasy Another Tail
Genre: Fantasy RPG
Price: Basic Free (in-game item charge system)
Game start: HTTPS: //s.g123.jp/rfjmjoF
Official Twitter: HTTPS: //twitter.com/seireianother
Official LINE: HTTPS: //LIN.ee/11PvAsr

TV anime Blessing this wonderful world!

Series Cumulative 10 million copies!
The original is the light novel blessing in this wonderful world! (Katakana Sneaker Bunk).
This vine that has also been anime films through TV animation (1st and 2nd term) that has gained popularity, is just a different world comedy version!

What is a spiritualism?

Main world and the current world cross-two men with two memories come to destiny !!
A large hit fantasy that gives a lot of sympathy with a boy Rio, a boy who lives on the Skylar destiny living as a university student and the orphan of the slum city.
When I was young, Rio who was killed by his mother and I was lived desperately in Slam city. On a day, I dreamed of the reunion with his childhood friend and the accident dead Memory of Tennogawa and powerful magic were awake in Rio, and I was reincarnation in the sword and magical different world notice. Furthermore, by contributing to the solution of the princess kidnapping incident by chance, the nematode of the aristocrat is to enter the prestigious academy…. Rio crawling from the bottom side of the class society is trying harsh destiny while repeating the meeting and farewell.

Primary Sensor
HE Bunk: 1-20 Volume During the sale
HE Comics: 1-7 volumes Good for sale
Author / Katakana You
Illustration / RIV
Comic serialization / comic fire (cartoon · Final Fuji)

TV anime

During popular delivery on the following distribution site
AIEMA, Amazon Prime Video, U-NEXT, Anime Unlimited, D Anime Store, Banzai Channel, Hulu, Hikaru TV, FOD, Anime, Gyro!, J: Come On Demand, Motor Plus, Para vi, TEL ASA, Nico Channel, Videos Market, Rakuten TV, Google Play / YouTube, Happy! Videos, Crank in! Videos, TSUBASA TV, others

Director and Series Configuration: Yamazaki Sam
Character Design: Oil Plant Kyoto
Music: Saudi Yamazaki
Animation production: Tombs entertainment
Official Twitter: @ seieReigensouki spirit Gens
Official HP: HTTPS: //seireigensouki.com/

What is G123 (Giichinisan)?

On smartphone tablet PC web browser, it is a game service that enjoys carefully selected high quality games without unnecessary member registration.
Official site: HTTPS: //g123.jp/

About BTW Corporation

A comprehensive Internet platform service company that operates the game platform G123 (Giichinisan).

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