Football with cars for a good cause The Race Goal

No less than a completely new, innovative format promise the creators of The Race Goal : The event will be the world’s first entertainment and social platform, says in a message, which the physical aspects of traditional football and RC Racing With the virtual world of gaming connect.

Specifically, this means: By remote control, players will control the players from their respective residence from real cars in miniature format through a futuristic course in the BMW world in Munich. You will, as in an arcade racing game, will collect various power-ups, enable effects and achieve goals.

For the first time, the Race Goal will be published on December 12 from 20 clocks. Six teams with three drivers will go to the start, each team consists of one influencer, an esp port star and a gaming talent from South America or the Caribbean. Among others are ‘Makayla’ by Cloud9, ‘Loan’ by Fanatic, ‘Bailee’ from G2 Esports and ‘N0tail’ from OG.

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More events should follow

The fact that the Race Goal is not carried out for pure self-purpose shows the social commitment behind the event: the event is intended for the United Nations population Fund (UNFPA), which for various issues around sexual and reproductive health as well as education and education Sex equalization uses.

In doing so, the Race Goal should be the prelude to a series of events that benefit from UNFPA’s projects in Latin America and the Caribbean — hence the inclusion of one talent from one of these regions into the teams.

Combining a unique, real video game with a good cause is something that will be very enthusiastic and definitely at the gaming community will be appealing, says Dorian Gore, Managing Director of with-organizer Merits Entertainment.

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