Halo Infinite will not allow rejuning some missions but this possibility will be included in an update

Hallo Infinite is no longer a distant dream, because there are a few hours left to enjoy the next adventure of Master Chief. However, the game will continue to be updated with extra content and iconic functions in the franchise, something we will see with the possibility of Regulate missions. After all, Halo Infinite will not allow you to return some episodes of the title, at least in the first days.

Will this feature solve Halo Infinite's content problem?
We have not announced a date, but we are working on it 343 Industries This has said it by a Microsoft representative in a chat with Polygon, where they report the absence of this functionality already classical in the saga: After finishing the game, you offer you the option to continue exploring the broader environment, but with missions like the first two, where you are not yet in the ring, you can not regular them from the same save file.

However, this does not mean that 343 industries has definitively dispensed with this idea, because they are fully aware that it is already part of the essence of halo. For this reason, they have already relieved the community and promise a future update in which this functionality is introduced, as they comment on The Verge: We have not announced a date, but we are working on it, explains Paul Crocker, creative director associated with 343 Industries. So we take the decision to improve the quality of the individual campaign to make sure that, as a foundation, it is all the strong that can be, and we can add more features.

Therefore, it seems that the option to regulate missions will be poured a little more in Halo Infinite, something that also happens with the cooperative campaign and forging mode. In addition, 343 Industries will not stop supporting your adventure with Extra content, as your multiplayer mode hides several game modes that will be included in the delivery later. However, no more news has been given about their physical edition, which can only be played if we complete an initial download.