New World On empty servers now the strongest fractions give away their settlements

An important part of the End Games Inner World are the battles for territories. These can be conquered by fractions and then expanded. In return, these taxes take on trade, crafting or Housing. But servers with few players are more and more likely to give away the dominant group of territories.

Who gives away settlements? To the territories and thus settlements should actually be fought bitterly. In 50V50 battles, both factions should give everything, after all, they will be rewarded in the end with the control of the area and additional revenue.

But on empty servers is not that easy. Because due to missing splitters often dominates a faction and then holds most of the territories. This has places so many disadvantages that some fractions now simply give control of the area to the attackers.

New World - Before You Buy

Mango reader Chris has sent us a small section of his livestream. There, the marauders do not defend their fortress, but dance closed on a small hill.

The victory over the marauders should have already been judged in advance, because actually the faction dominates the server of Chris. Generally settlements are to be exchanged here regularly. Purple is supposed to constantly control two areas, which change regularly because it comes to wars.

However, not only Chris reports it. On Reddit, several threads and comments can be found. Also, we have already reported on a someday rare case in October, where diplomacy has brought a settlement. But in the meantime, there are different reasons behind the donations.

Boredom, high cost and fear that the server dies

Why are settlements giving away? One of the reasons for the donation is in the cost to maintain and expand a settlement. Especially in the edge areas, it is not worthwhile to invest in them, as there are a few taxes taken there. Barely a travel into the outposts to build a house or craft there. That’s why these areas are often not fought properly.

Another aspect is bored:

Some bothers it that they always only play the role of the defender and no longer of the attacker. They also want to influence through Open PVP in the enemy area and experience something new again.
Other others just do not feel desirable for a war, because who controls all territories, who has regular battles to beat. That’s why the most unattractive areas are simply given away.

The main reason for many is the fear that the server completely dies. For if a faction controls everything, she gains all the wars and gets all revenue, there is a risk that players of the other factions stop quiet.

This in turn would have a negative impact on the entire server, for example in forming groups for EVE content, but also with matches in the outdoor post tower. The outdoor item tower is considered good and above all lucrative game mode, but needs 40 active players on Level 60, which register for it. Outside the Prime Time, this is already a big problem on some empty servers.

Do the peaceful handover come well with everyone? No, our reader Chris is annoyed because he wants to experience real wars and PVP battles instead of getting dancing opponents.

In addition, areas are often given away to known or friendly companies. Who is not in the inner circle, never comes to an area.

Dying servers and problems in the fraction balance are to blame

Why is this peaceful handover at all? Most of these donations take place on servers where the population is already low anyway. Mostly here then a group dominates because they could hold their guilds together, while players have just stopped at the inferior factions.

Here, the players desire the server compositions that are already planned.

But even on the fuller servers, it always happens that a faction dominates. Most of the great guilds that work together. Once the card is controlled, new players usually connect the strongest faction, instead of one of the weaker ones.

So far, however, there is no real solution for the fraction balance. The developers have only reduced the possibility to switch between the fractions of 120 to 60 days and prohibit it from one of the weak factions to switch to the strongest on the server.

What do you say about the give away of areas? And have you already experienced something on your server?