New wave of dismissals in Activision Blizzard Workers after Call of Duty fear for their future work

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Raven Software workers, studio owned by Activision and who has worked on the development of Call of Duty: War zone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, are facing a tough wave of dismissals that mainly affects the quality control department. The news of The Washington Post, has echoed the testimony of the workers, which with uncertainty their future work in the company.

Almost a third of the quality department workers have lost their work Workers who have spoken with The Post have expressed their desire to continue working on video games, however, the company has been meeting with contractors from Yesterday, Friday, December 3 and has scheduled more meetings until next December 8. In them they are informed about whether they are ascended or dismissed from next January 28. Close to A third of the workers of the study quality control have been dismissed so far.

Workers who go to work full time will receive an increase of $1.50 per hour, moving to charge $18.50 at and improving their benefits and bonuses. However, the testimony of the workers reflects a great disclosure, Most people who have had their meetings have been fired… they all told them: ‘ You have not done anything bad ‘, after receiving the bad news.

They go to the weekend without knowing if they will keep Jason Schrader’s job Bloomberg journalist, Jason Schrader, has also shared his impressions after talking with half a dozen workers of Raven: The company informs them Individually about whether they are being fired or not. But some do not have their meetings scheduled until next week, so they go on the weekend without knowing if they still preserve the work.

The ENTIRE Blizzard Situation, and What I've Heard...

Most Activision employees we know that we are dispensable, but every time they dismiss more people, it is a great reminder, expressed for The Post one of the Activision Quality Control workers They have not yet informed whether they will keep their work. This new wave of dismissals arrives in the middle of the hurricane that whips the company because of the crisis of abuses and toxic culture at work. In 3D Games we wanted to tell you about the company’s scandals and how they have affected the image of their CEO, Bobby Kick.