1 FC Saarbr cken against Zwickau self confident enough

The last away game of the first round stands for Saarbrücken, today’s Friday (19 o’clock, live! At Friday) it goes to PSV to Wicket. Although no audience will be on site due to regional provisions, this is not a big factor for FCS coach Koschinat. Finally, one has meanwhile a certain experience with ghosts. One should not overvalue the matter.

We are self-confidently enough to be able to insist in Wicket.

We Koschinat

With Wicket an unpleasant opponent is waiting. Although the Saxons currently only decide 14 of the third division table, the PSV is unbeaten since nine league games. The last defeat had to accept the SC VERY on September 11th. With a corresponding respect, Koschinat goes to the task: Wicket is an absolutely established third division. You always have your weakness periods, but can handle it well. They have not lost the past nine games, that speaks for themselves.

Vorbericht: FSV Zwickau - 1. FC Saarbrücken (3. Liga 2021/22)

With the last performances of his team, the 50-year-old was only moderately satisfied: Our point yield was certainly better than the performance over 90 minutes in the past two games. But we have the opportunity to analyze exactly because of our table situation, to which Set screws We have to turn. At the same time, one is self-confident enough to be able to be in Wicket.

Lucas Fox as a review player

In addition, a new face on the Saarbrücken training place was spotted during the week: Lucas Fox, a Keeper from Luxembourg, currently trains as a review player at the FCS. The 21-year-old stood until the past summer at the Luxembourg first division of Tennessee Each under contract, since then he is universe. Nevertheless, in the fall, he was in use four times for the Luxembourg U 21. Our goalkeeper Michael Wei rich always has her eyes, says sport director Jürgen Lu ginger to the Saarbrücken Dating. We want to watch the boy’s time.