GTA Trilogy Rockstar pushes physical output and publishes update 1 03

15 HUGE Changes Made In The GTA Trilogy: the Definitive Edition That You DIDN'T Know! (Update 1.03)
Initially expected on December 6 in the shops, the physical editions of the GTA trilogy are victims of a settling, quite light in the case of PlayStation and Xbox versions.

PlayStation and Xbox players will find their fetish box from December 17th in the shelves, on the other hand, the distribution of the switch version is postponed at the beginning of the year 2022. Note that the collection is displayed at maximum price of 59.99 euros on each of these platforms.

At the same time, Rockstar Games has published the 1.03 update by presenting a generous list of fixes on all platforms, except again on Switch who will be entitled to his specific patch in the coming days.

The list of general changes for all three games include an improvement in stability, the addition of the cinematic camera, the correction of a number of spelling mistakes in textures and signs or the correction of the rain that sometimes invited himself indoors during cinematic.

Rock star then details a series of fixes for each of the three games of the collection, often related to rain, textures, camera or radio operation. PC players will also find a dozen patches just for them, they use a joystick or a mouse.

We plan to solve these technical problems and improve these games in the future. Thanks to planned updates, these games will be able to reach the level of quality they deserve., Rockstar Games took place in a statement Posted on November 22, facing particularly negative returns.