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Hit man 3 (very own letters: Hit man III) is a stealth video game established by IO Interactive for a number of systems, which was published on January 20, 2021. Coming from the Hit man video game series, Gunman 3 is the 8th almost all the Hitman collection as well as the 3rd and tail end of the World-of Assassination Trilogy.

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Little surprisingly Pokémon Bright Diamond and Pokémon Bright Pearl do not reinvent the classics. There is no serious changes to the basic recipe. Rather, developers Inca, Inc. fits the originals playfully and above all technically today’s standards. Nobody should expect the depth of a current role-playing game here. But that’s why it was not the previous Pokémon offshoot. Instead, bright pearls provide wonderfully decelerated Pokémon collision in an atmospheric and above all varied world. The fighting may be slightly too light and kept too simple, but this usually does not arise any frustration at the Nintendo Switch. Instead, they are quickly losing themselves in the universe and are looking forward to the progress of their Pokémon or long-looking newcomers.

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Very pretty and varied game world
Stably game progress generates instant motivation to continue playing
Big scope
Lots of Pokémon for collecting, exercising and developing
Quickly learned game principle
Fair implemented combat and character system


Fighting over long distances far too easy
Flows repeat strongly
Random fights can not be dealt with

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Reclaimed classics remain a gaming trend of the year 2021. But so simple is the business with the nostalgia is not: Diablo 2: Resurrected continues to fight with server problems and other technical difficulties. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition turned off as a total failure with more program errors as a fun.

But it works differently! 14 years after the appearance of Pokémon Diamond and Perl-Edition for the Nintendo DS appeared on 19 November 2021 with radiant diamond and luminous pearl the above all visually superimposed new conditions for the Nintendo Switch. The good news: Pokémon fans can be reassured — the anime role-playing games bring feeling and playability of handheld originals Stretch into the year 2021!

Differences between the titles

Pokémon Bright Diamond and Pokémon Bright Pearl appear at the same time for the Nintendo Switch. However, the differences between the two editions are marginal; Playfully, both variants offer an absolutely identical experience. So you get the same story and play along. However, ambitious Poke coaches find exclusive trouser pockets monsters for both editions.

For example, Diana is included exclusively in radiant diamond and Polka in luminous pearl. In the new Havanas park you will discover legendary, exclusive Pokémon such as Enter and Haiku in Bright Diamond and Arts and Zap dos in Bright Pearl. There are also over 20 other, normal creatures that are on board only in the respective editions.

Beautiful, new Chili world

As the Nintendo-DS original published in 2007, it also leads the new edition into the region Singh. As an optional male or female hero, they support the famous Professor of Elbe in completing his Pokémon research, in addition to collecting eight Arena Order, and then winners of the Pokémon League.

Top 10 BEST Pokémon In Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
Bright diamond and luminous pearls, above all, evaluate the aged technique of UR version. The lovingly colorful and varied game world shines in the most beautiful Chili style: the figures have small bodies, but big heads, and everything looks a little more round and creepier than usual. The presentation fits excellently to the Pokémon universe and underlines the scenario again.

Get them all!

Playfully, luminous diamond and radiant pearl remain faithful to their templates: they travel cities, forests and lands, collect Pokémon and train them. The trouser pockets monsters rise in rank, learn new skills or even evolve.

In the fighting, the scissors stone paper principle continues: For example, a fire-pokémon opposite a water monster is the advantage, but a water-pokémon is particularly effective against plant creatures. The system is quickly learned, and so the round-based battles prove little demanding. Bright diamond and radiant pearl are simply too easy for experienced players.

Exciting exploration of a versatile world

Nevertheless, the Pokémon hunting is fun. This is not least because of the versatile world: in the game, for example, explore underground caves or the already mentioned Havanas Park and are looking for new protégés. Use the VM functions of the Sketch device to activate new skills and destroy such boulders in the area. Unfortunately, they can still not avoid random fighting in the high grass, which makes the exploration of the regions difficult. In addition, they expect all sorts of humorous and fun coexists such as various competitions and mini-games. On top of that, you may also build your own home and beautify with furnishings. For enough many contents here is so taken care of. Release: Pokémon: Bright Diamond and Glowing Pearl appear on 19 November 2021 for Nintendo Switch. The games cost in the trade around 50 euros.