Tibia will be a game with cryptolts

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Airsoft — quietly — examines mood among their players.

Some Titans were asked to fulfill a short survey in cryptowalut. Among other things, such questions were asked:

Are we familiar with proposals?
Do we use cryptowalut to trading?
Will we be interested in using a crystal to buy or transfer?

Would you buy / sell Tibia Coins for crypt oped?


If the cryptically came to Tibia, at the beginning — this is due to the survey — they would only relate to Tibia Coins (paid currency of the game), but not included that in the future, more than more Tibia systems would be subordinated to Cryptocurrencies.

Hmm, cryptos in asked? It has its pros and cons.

Are you also interested in topics related to Examines Mood Games?

Pros: A high popularity of such games (see MIR4) and the ability to earn actual money.

Cons: Display of dishonest players / bots, which in the case of Tibia could end tragically. Just a few years ago, the problem of chairs was advised and no one would like the repetition of those dark times.

For now, however, nothing to go. We will worry when Airsoft really will introduce something like that to Tibia.