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In league of Legends is the professional player PALE Poppa Poetic died on 23 November at only 23 years. The Serbian to planer last played for the offspring team of Schalke 04 in Lol. As an E-Sports league reports from the Balkans, he died of complications with the virus disease COVID-19.

The Esports Balkan League is one of LOL’s regional leagues in the Masters area. The league announced on November 24 an article in a Serbian news page, which is about the death of Poppa in the course of complications with the virus Covid-19. The Serb was only 23 years old.

It is said that death came unexpected.

Poppa was the first Serve who could create it in Lol

In the notification, Poppa is described as one of the most promising players of our region, he was the first Serb, which had succeeded in reaching the first place at the Challengers on the EU server and one of the first Serbs, which in international Team managed.

Players were looking for a new team 10 days ago

The tragic is that the LISA Twitter channel had just posted a picture of Poppa one week earlier, as he went through all his contract offers to indicate how sightseers Poppa was on the transfer market.

On November 16, Poppa had posted on Twitter that he was looking for a new professional team.

Where did he play? Poppa stood in the last few years in various subclass LOL teams or academy teams in LOL under contract. In 2019, he had a place in the squad of Mad Lions, today’s top team in the LEC, but they still played underclass. Last year they became master of the LEC.

In 2020, he was then at Vitality. Bee and 2021 at Schalke Evolution.

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He had left the team of Schalke only on 16 November. Schalke has sold his professional spot in the league for financial reasons, which are now completely new for 2022.

What are the reactions ? The former teams of the professionals are dismantled over the death of the player:

Schalke says, one was shocked and speechless.
Team Vitality writes, you have wonderful memories of Poppa and the time in Berlin.

Also, many other people who knew Poppa show their mourning and disruption over death on Twitter. One says: He can not believe it. He talked to Poppa a few days ago and said his COVID-19 symptoms already improved.

In 2019, at Christmastime, we have reported on Mango about that a professional LOL player died at 24 years:

The 1st professional player of Lolita LCS dies at 24 years