The lack of experience of Platinum was one of the reasons for the cancellation of Scaleboound according to Hideki Kamiya

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Kamila Chronicles, the series of Cutscenes about the prestigious creative Japanese, is being a very interesting review at Hide Kamila’s career, video game veteran and one of the founders of Platinum games. Some declarations of the sixth episode of the series have had a lot of repercussion: I mean those that have to do with Scaleboound, its cancellation and part of responsibility that Platinum itself had in it.

In the video interview, Kamila talks about the need for the study of living up to the expectations that Microsoft had, with whom Platinum signed an agreement by which Scaleboound would be exclusive to Xbox One. The idea was to do something of High quality », Back to something photorealistic after doing something like The Wonderful 101, Colorist and Cartoon (about that goes the first part of the video). Kamila, in fact, considered that graphic jump as a necessity for the study to remain in a good position within the industry:

Although it was a personal desire of mine, I thought that improving our graphic capabilities was also a necessary mission for Platinum, to jump to the next level of the creation of modern games. So we make the decision to bet on a universe as well.

Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya finally gives the reason why Xbox exclusive Scalebound was cancelled
The fantastic theme of Scale bound, with swords, magic and dragons, would allow them to test their abilities; Inspiration, explains Kamila, came from ancient PC games like Norwegian Hydride, children’s references that led him to think about that world in which a young woman fights a dragon. «I always wanted to do something with that topic. (…) However, it was a great challenge for Platinum games, Kamila recognizes.

There came the problems: the graphic engine was not the one they were the most controlled, the needs of the online game were great and did not have the ability to learn about the march, which led the project to fall apart. In Kamila’s words:

We worked in an environment that we were not used to. We were developing in Unreal Engine, and we also lacked the knowledge to make a game with online features. The obstacles we had to overcome were very large. We did not have enough experience, and could not beat them, which led to what happened at the end.

Kamila apologizes in the video before the people who followed the development of the game and also before Microsoft, who put their confidence in us as a business partner, he says. I want to apologize as a creator and as a member of Platinum games».

Advertised by mid-2014, Scaleboound was going to be an exclusive game for Xbox One, which was called Project Pagan for a while. He watched for a while at different fairs, and became in the E3 of 2016, when we already knew he would not be launched at the end of that year, as he had announced, but in 2017. The river began to sound shortly after His last public appearance, and in January 2017 it was announced that the game was canceled, after a few months reading about a development that was far behind what was expected and increasingly degraded Microsoft relationships.